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    Since 1920, the Garibaldi family has built a reputation for quality coffee production. Originally from Genoa Italy, the Garibaldi family have roasting facilities in Alessandria which is in the Piedmont region in Northern Italy. All coffee produced by the Garibaldi family comes from selected worldwide plantations and are mixed according to original recipes to provide an excellent product for flavour and quality.

    Never before available in the UK, 1920 Caffe UK supplies a range of coffee beans with a packed weight of 1kg. There are five types to suit all tastes from standard Espresso Bar, which is 100% robusta to Arabica, which is 100% Arabica bean. Coffee types are explained on our website.

    All prices quoted are inclusive of delivery and are very competitive. If you are looking for a good quality coffee without fuss then this is the coffee for you. You will not be disappointed.

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    1. espressotechno's Avatar
      I reckon their advertising spiel, could apply to any small/family Italian roaster wishing to enter the UK market.
    1. Rob666's Avatar
      Rob666 -
      Love Italian Coffee, may well give them a try. (Probably not the 100% Robusta though...)
    1. Rob666's Avatar
      Rob666 -
      No prices on the website though.
    1. JonR's Avatar
      JonR -
      Did anybody get prices for their coffee?
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