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    A New & Exciting Saturday Morning

    Adams + Russell have proudly teamed up with the owner of coffeeblog.co.uk to bring the people of Liverpool a Free brew school.
    Adams + Russell, based in Birkenhead, started the brew school. It was designed to give the people in the local district and surrounding areas something different on a Saturday morning.
    The first part of the brew school gives visitors an insight into how fresh beans are roasted, where the green beans come from and the amazing smells you get from the different beans.
    The second part explains how to make great coffee using different brewing methods, including the Aeropress, the Cafetiere and the stove-top espresso maker.

    Coffee Blog Owner Delighted
    Matt, from Adams+Russell got in touch with Kevin at coffee blog to ask him to get involved. Kevin was delighted to be invited down to the roastery and help out with such a great event.
    Kevin, brought his video camera and expert knowledge and got involved with the customers at every opportunity.
    Following the brew school, Kevin wrote a detailed article on his website.
    The article touches on how he noticed the customers were helped out at every opportunity. Whether it was with choosing from the shelves or having a go at the brewing methods. The team were on-hand to help.
    Kev titled the article Visit to Adams & Russell Coffee Roasters. He also said:
    “The brew schools they offer are brilliant for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge on coffee. How it’s grown and processed, how it’s roasted (you get to watch them roasting) and lessons on the main brewing methods.”

    “It has changed the way I drink coffee for good”
    As part of the brew school, the visitors gave feedback on their experience. One lady said that after seeing the Aeropress brewing method, she would change the way she brews up every morning.
    It was also mentioned by a member of the A+R team that once they started using the Aeropress, they never went back.

    Another one of the visitors said:
    “Look no further than Adams + Russell. You can visit the roasters for free and they will welcome you in with open arms. You will be able to try their espresso. You can even take home a taste of their coffee of the month.”

    A third person said:
    “I just think the smell is AMAZING”.

    Buying coffee is made simple in the showroom
    Adams + Russell Coffee roasters have created a showroom at the front of their roasting house. The general public can come in and see the beans being roasted. Their accessories are placed carefully in the front showroom and the choice of 52 choices are roasted to order.
    Tristan Bartlett is the business development manager at Adams and Russell. He says the brew school is a great way for the general public to come and learn about coffee. They don’t even need to own a cafe. On a Saturday morning when you’re looking for something to do, think about coming to the roasters. You’ll most definitely be surprised how much there is to learn.

    You can also buy Adams+Russell Fresh coffee on their website
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    1. Stevied62's Avatar
      Stevied62 -
      Need to take a look at this place we’re are you jimbojohn55
    1. jimbojohn55's Avatar
      jimbojohn55 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Stevied62 View Post
      Need to take a look at this place we’re are you jimbojohn55

      sign me up
    1. Stevied62's Avatar
      Stevied62 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jimbojohn55 View Post
      sign me up
      Will do be in touch shortly ��
    1. coffeeblog's Avatar
      coffeeblog -
      This was a brilliant event, some photos below.

      Adams & Russell are great - well worth a visit! Lots of lovely coffee - at wholesale prices to the public, really friendly folk very happy to give advice, and they stock lots of great coffee stuff too, brewers, accessories, cups, filters etc.

    1. thesmileyone's Avatar
      thesmileyone -
      I drive past this place every other Sunday (Cars and Coffee Wirral - in Birkenhead) and never knew it was there!
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