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    We are delighted to introduce to you Cloggs Coffee.

    Cloggs Coffee was founded in 2003 as a small coffee shop in an old converted clog factory in a West Yorkshire town, hence the name!
    We are a family run business who take pride in the provenance and premium quality of our coffee.
    We ethically source coffee beans from all over the world and hand roast them to order in small batches in the Calder Valley, Yorkshire.

    Initially we only roasted coffee for ourselves and a handful of local businesses but over the last couple of years we have branched out and now we are supplying coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and bars across the UK. We also sell our coffee and some great equipment online to the public at

    Free delivery on all orders over 30.00.

    Our wholesale customers enjoy free next day delivery with no minimum order requirement and a discounted rate on coffee beans and equipment.

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    1. Will - Cloggs Coffee's Avatar
      Thanks for the intro! Will
    1. Rhys's Avatar
      Rhys -
      I remember clogs were all the rage when I was at college in the 90's (Especially when New Model Army were popular..). Must be a Yorkshire thing..

    1. Inspector's Avatar
      Inspector -
      just ordered a pack. they do free delivery on all orders now with no min purchase. sound
    1. Inspector's Avatar
      Inspector -
      received my order today. No roasting date on the pack (which was surprising) but beans smelled and tasted fresh.
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