• Coffee Roasting and Brewing Workshop - 18 March - Smith Street Coffee Roasters

    3 action packed hours of hands on experience covering coffee roasting, espresso making, milk steaming, filter brewing & how to make coffee at home like a pro barista 30pp including a free bag of coffee.

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    To book in simply click the image below and enter your details where mine show and click OK

    Click here to visit the Smith Street Coffee Roasters website
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    1. Canto73's Avatar
      Canto73 -
      Bargain! This would be 100-plus in London. If only I lived in Sheffield... well, for this anyway.
    1. cambosheff's Avatar
      cambosheff -
      Gutted, I missed this simply down to the stupidity of having my link directly to the forums section /facepalm Is this likely to be repeated?
    1. SmithStCoffeeRoasters's Avatar
      there's one this Saturday as it happens 10-1pm if you would like to book on let us know

    1. Raimundad's Avatar
      Raimundad -
      Hey guys!
      Anymore events like you have had in the past coming up?
      Best regards , Rai
    1. Glenn's Avatar
      Glenn -
      Keep an eye on the Facebook page as well as the homepage as we always publicise where we are alerted
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