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  • Manchester Coffee Festival is on again in 2017

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    CupNorth - Manchester Coffee Festival is on again in 2017 (November 4 and 5)

    Earlybird tickets are now on sale for 7 each day or 10 for the weekend

    Click here to purchase and lets get a decent contingent along to this fine event
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    1. Jack-Jones's Avatar
      Jack-Jones -
      A while to go yet, but thanks for the heads-up Glen.
      Always good to support a local event!
    1. jimbojohn55's Avatar
      jimbojohn55 -
      Attachment 25250 Just nine months to perfect my cup north look - checked shirt, converse, beard and leather man bag.

      last year was well worth the visit - even for a 50yr old ;-) - I came away with 8 bags of great beans
    1. Will - Cloggs Coffee's Avatar
      Thanks for the heads up!
    1. jlarkin's Avatar
      jlarkin -
      Yay - Man Utd are playing away that weekend!
    1. Jony's Avatar
      Jony -
      Not Long to go I'm all booked well coach and flights.
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