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  • Introducing the New Faema E71

    The Faema E71 is a traditional coffee machine that incorporates all the latest technology to provide a versatile tool for the professional barista. The E71 includes touchscreen controls, independent boilers for each group, and other innovative features that make it a worthy successor to the well-loved Faema E61.

    First Impressions
    The new machine, created by Giugiaro Designs, certainly has the classic Faema good looks. It combines sleek aluminium with side and back panels that can be removed and customised. The back panel is accented by subtle LED lighting and lights have also been added to the working area. The filter holder handles have been lengthened and reshaped to fit more comfortably in your hand and the stainless steel drip tray can be pulled out to make cleaning easier. The size of the machine has also changed a little. The storage area on top of the machine is a little larger than for the E61, which makes it possible to keep more cups within easy reach. However, the height of the machine has actually been lowered, so it doesnít seem overlarge and it will actually be easier to maintain eye contact over the counter while preparing coffees.

    Despite its style, the E71 isnít just about good looks. Faema is keen to highlight the innovative use of technology in this machine to create a new kind of traditional coffee maker for the professional barista.

    Key Innovations:

    • Dual interaction through manual controls or touchscreens
    • Independent boilers for each group
    • LED workspace lighting
    • New soft touch filter holders with ergonomically designed handles
    • New hydraulic circuit and GTi infusion control to improve thermal stability

    Making Coffee with the Faema E71

    Using the Dual Controls
    The biggest difference when using the Faema E71 is that you can choose whether you use the conventional manual controls or the touchscreens. You can make a coffee the usual way, using the lever to set the temperature and extraction time, but it is also possible to do everything using the touchscreen. You can also combine the two types of controls, using whichever feels more comfortable for you for each function. Even if you rely on the manual controls, you will find that the screens display all of the information you might need to create your perfect cup of coffee. You can clearly read the temperature, pre-extraction time and other information from the screen.

    Setting the Temperature
    In addition to having its own touchscreen, each of the groups also has its own separate boiler, which means that you can set them to different temperatures for preparing different blends. With machines available with two, three, or four groups, this gives you a lot of flexibility. You also have the option of turning off any unused groups to save energy until they are needed again, which makes the E71 a good choice if your customer numbers tend to fluctuate a lot.

    Creative Coffee Making
    Another useful option is the possibility of setting up each group to produce a coffee to pre-set specifications with a single touch of the screen. This makes it very easy for the less experienced members of staff to make simple coffees when you are busy. However, it will take a coffee specialist to make the most of this machine, which provides enough control and flexibility to perfect your own creations.

    If you are looking for a versatile machine that will enable you to practice coffee making as an art, then the E71 could be the one for you. The Faema E71 is available from Coffee Omega in the UK, who provide a range of different purchase options. You can choose to buy the machine outright or to lease it with monthly repayments. Tel: 0843 289 6422 Email: [email protected]
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