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    KeenCoffee is a collaboration of baristas Bonne Postma & Rob Kerkhoff, and Roasters Jan Schuitemaker & Tosca Schuitemaker.

    Our coffee is the product of years of practice, mistakes, learning, and growth. All in search of that perfect cup of coffee. They provide you with top-notch beans and the skills that you need to turn those beans into a superior cup of coffee.

    The Keen roastery is located in Enkhuizen, a small harbour town just North of Amsterdam. All of our coffees are roasted to order with a Loring roaster due to its precision, and environmentally friendly efficiency.

    We are all SCAE certified and have a training area on site where we offer several different types of SCAE trainings and provide customized training for our wholesalers.

    We also host Keen Campus training events where we teach everything from basic milk foaming to advanced techniques. At Keen Campus our wholesalers, their employees, and other coffee enthusiasts can connect with each other and improve their coffee skills.

    Our goal to help share knowledge about coffee doesn’t stop at the professional level, we also create brewing and storage guides for home brewer, and are currently working on free tutorials that we’ll share on our website.

    Discovering new ways to experience coffee is what excites us; what keeps us inspired is sharing these discoveries.

    Visit KeenCoffee.com
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