• Jolly Bean Roastery

    Jolly Bean Roastery has recently changed it's name - from Jolly Brew Coffee Company

    Jolly Bean Roastery hand roasts small batches of ethically sourced speciality coffee beans (the tasty ones!) and aims to showcase the individual qualities of each bean, roasting to order and delivering fresh to your door.

    They love all things coffee, especially roasting, brewing and drinking it, and hopefully they can share it with you.

    Click the banner to visit their site and use the ode shown for a Coffee Forums UK member discount!
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    1. fatboyslim's Avatar
      fatboyslim -
      Why the change? I liked Jolly Brew
    1. Glenn's Avatar
      Glenn -
      There was a tea company with a similar name.

      To avoid confusion Jolly Brew Coffee has rebranded as Jolly Bean Roastery.

      Same great coffee and ethos and look & feel - just a slightly different name.
    1. Rhys's Avatar
      Rhys -
      Not to be confused with..

      Mmmmmmmm... Though they do tend to gum up the grinder
    1. PPapa's Avatar
      PPapa -
      I got some Kenyan and Nicaraguan left. It's now collector's edition, I recall my order id was around 160, which makes it super rare. Up for grabs for premium price )

      Seriously, they are lovely folk, definitely worth a try.
    1. Jollybean's Avatar
      Jollybean -
      Do I get free beans for life?
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