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  • A new way to discover and explore the hidden gems of Italy's coffee

    For the coffee gourmets and the afficionados of Italy's espresso bars, offers a straightforward, proven way of finding the absolute best that Italy's coffee roasting and blending has to offer. select their coffees in an innovative but simple way. They visit and experience Italy's best bars, find out which coffee and roaster they use, and make that coffee available online at

    These are not mainstream, retail brands - many of them are virtually unknown outside their home region or even home town - but the small and medium local coffee artisans that are behind the best bars and cafes of Italy.

    The espresso bars of Italy are the reference and starting point of because they invest a disproportionate amount of effort and time, compared to any other country, in selecting their beans supplier. With 700 active roasters in Italy, these bars have a rich choice but also a tough job at selecting the best. And, unique to Italy, there is a specialist guide, Gambero Rosso Bar d'Italia, that reviews and scores the best bars for the quality of coffee. That's where we find the best bars that are the starting point of their exploration of Italian coffee.

    Sourcing coffee from the roasters that serve the best bars of Italy's has proven to be the way to create a unique selection of hidden gems that represent the pinnacle of Italy's art of coffee roasting and blending.

    Caffè del Bar Ltd. is a startup based in London and Zurich. Founded in 2015 by two coffee enthusiasts with professional backgrounds in marketing and design, believe that Italian roasting and blending are nowadays under-appreciated, and promote a renewed consideration of the best coffee artisans of Italy, whose dedication to exquisite quality has endured through several generations.
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