• What makes Panama's Geisha Coffee so special?

    An interactive seminar and workshop exploring Geisha coffee from planting to cup

    London - Coffee lore, myth and reality will collide Saturday, November 7th when Panama Varietals, a grower, processor, and merchant of world class Panama coffees, and Artisan Coffee School and Caravan Coffee Roasters of London, host a two hour invite only workshop for roasters, baristas, and green coffee buyers to explore these unique coffees.

    The workshop will follow the journey of Panama Geisha from planting, to cultivation, to processing and the care needed in each step to obtain world class coffee and achieve perfection in the cup. Attendees will also be cupping a very special Geisha processed in three methods, washed, honey and natural, and prepare and compare the coffee to determine the best brew method.

    “As one of the most expensive varieties, it is important for those who buy, roast and serve the coffee to understand the differences in cultivating and processing world class Geisha. This story, backed by an amazing cup, needs to be transferred to the consumer to support and give depth to the hype,” says Uschi Zimmermann, co-founder of Panama Varietals.

    The event is hosted by Artisan Coffee School, led by Alessandro Bonuzzi, a certified SCAE trainer, and Caravan Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee roaster in Kings Cross, headed by master roaster and Q certified coffee grader Sam Langdon who is one of the few roasters in the UK to feature Geisha. Caravan will do the honor of roasting the coffees featured in the workshop.

    Workshop Location & Times
    Artisan Coffee School, 32 New Broadway, Ealing, London
    Saturday, November 7th - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    To attend the event, contact one of the persons below for a passcode, and register online at:

    Alessandro Bonuzzi - [email protected]
    Sam Langdon - [email protected]
    Joel Jelderks - [email protected]

    About Panama Varietals
    Panama Varietals is a direct trade specialty coffee grower, processor, and merchant with a base in Boquete, Panama and Linz, Austria. Their goal is to source the finest, most interesting green beans while creating trusting, long lasting relationships with farmers and community.
    To truly be conscious of our coffees and how they are grown, harvested, and processed we believe a full-time presence on the ground, where our coffee is sourced, is critical. It allows us to monitor progress, interact with growers, and fortify our relationships on a continuous basis. Instead of visiting

    About Artisan Coffee School
    Artisan Coffee School believes in getting to the heart of understanding coffee. Excellent training is not simply process driven but also instinctively understanding why each action/step taken in creating each cup of coffee has an impact on its flavour.
    The Artisan Coffee School was set up by Edwin and Magda Harrison with the aim of sharing their passion for coffee with other likeminded people, from baristas, owners to coffee enthusiasts. Having experienced the meticulous process of coffee cultivation in Uganda, they have successfully trained their teams to ensure that the flavours brought from origin are represented in every single cup.
    Based in Ealing Broadway within Artisan – one of the multi award winning coffee shops that Edwin and Magda have set up in west and south west London, the school is an accredited SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) course provider. Their experience of running their own shops before opening the school has meant that they understand the challenges that face owners, managers and baristas and their specially devised training courses reflect this deeper understanding.

    About Caravan Coffee Roasters
    Caravan Coffee Roasters’ roasteries are located in the basement of the Exmouth Market site and the new King's Cross site. Caravan Coffee Roasters roast small batches of beans daily on Probat roasters using beans sourced from around the world. Caravan Coffee Roasters sources green coffee from single farms and estates in the speciality coffee market where the focus is quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the growers.
    Caravan Coffee Roasters are constantly developing seasonal espresso blends and single origin offers in line with the best crops from each season. When Caravan Coffee Roasters find a coffee that they love, they take the time to develop the roast profile to bring out the best flavour characteristics.
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