Employ homeless people as baristas, and provide the necessary
    training and support to help them find their preferred job.

    Stock the finest local and ethical produce, championing those who
    seek social change without sacrificing on quality.

    Modernise the face of social enterprise, acting as a hub promoting
    positive change in a trendy East London setting.

    A groundbreaking initiative, pioneered by Julius Ibrahim, final year student
    and President of Enactus at University College London (UCL), is set to make a
    lasting difference to London's homeless community. Through the creation of
    Second Shot Coffee, Julius is launching a new social enterprise that will hire
    three homeless people every six months, offering training, full time employment
    and a living wage, whilst competing on quality with the best coffee houses in London.

    The café’s profits will be reinvested into helping the employees gain the
    necessary skills they need to return to their previous or preferred
    employment. By doing this, Second Shot will create a sustainable and lasting
    means for helping those most in need.

    To make this vision a reality, Second Shot Coffee is in the final stages of an
    IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, with less than two weeks to go.

    The deadline for getting your hands on an exclusive perk and pledging your
    support is midnight on the 13th August.

    Included in the campaign perks are:
    A private tour of the Ozone roastery and cafe in Old Street for 15
    people, including a tasting session of all the coffees on offer....

    A year’s supply of the best and most ethical coffee from Old Spike
    Roastery - a social enterprise roastery employing the homeless in Peckham
    - delivered every two weeks, directly to your door.

    A private two hour, 15 person barista course and tasting session: learn
    to brew the perfect coffee with Second Shot Coffee's master baristas
    By helping Second Shot Coffee achieve their funding, not only will you get
    access to these exclusive perks, but you will be making a real difference to
    London’s homeless communities.

    Pay It Forward - Customers can choose to pre-pay for an item by writing a
    personalised message on a post-it note and placing it on the wall. These can
    then be redeemed by someone in need for a free meal or a hot drink.

    Living Wage - Second Shot Coffee’s baristas will immediately receive the
    London Living Wage of £9.15 per hour which, alongside training and support,
    will provide a solid base for the transition back to their preferred
    employment. Second Shot Coffee have partnered with Crisis, a charity
    helping the homeless, who will advertise positions at the café through their
    service network.

    A Great Coffee Experience - Second Shot Coffee will serve the highest quality
    speciality coffee, alongside artisan baked goods and grilled cheese
    sandwiches, all from local suppliers who share Second Shot Coffee’s passion
    for positive social change.

    The Hub - There are so many groups in London making a positive impact, yet
    so often they struggle to find an available and welcoming space. Second Shot
    Coffee will become a hub for all those people who want to make the world a
    better place.

    Sustainability - Second Shot Coffee will strive to have a positive impact on
    the environment. It will aim to be a zero-waste organisation, engage in a
    sustainable supply chain, and encourage others in their network to achieve
    the same.

    In London, for every rough sleeper, there are a further 100 hidden homeless
    people in hostels, and over 1,000 in overcrowded accommodation. Due to the
    great recession, the housing crisis, and the increased cost of living,
    homelessness has increased by over 300% in the capital alone.
    These are people who are victims of circumstance, who have become
    trapped by a lack of options and opportunities. Second Shot Coffee believes
    that they can offer a way out - an opportunity for the homeless to get back on
    their feet and regain control of their lives.


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    1. Phil104's Avatar
      Phil104 -
      Thanks for posting this Glenn - it is a worthy cause and I hope they reach their target.
    1. Milanski's Avatar
      Milanski -
      Great idea.
      Def worth a donation.
    1. jlarkin's Avatar
      jlarkin -
      Excellent news - the cafe is launching this Saturday 21st May.

      They've got incredible coffee, cakes, grilled cheese sandwiches and salads, and for the first week only any coffee is just £1 if you share your experience on social media!

      the link to the facebook event is here, and apparently you could sign up to the thunderclap (now I know what it is, you can agree to let it post to your facebook or twitter etc. at a certain point with a specific message, quite a nice idea I think) to show your support and make sure they can spread the message as far a possible!

      (Info taken from Second Shot coffee email that I received).

    1. Phil104's Avatar
      Phil104 -
      Sadly won't be able to go but hope it's a success.
    1. jlarkin's Avatar
      jlarkin -
      Yes I won't make it on Saturday either, but will try to get there sometime!
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