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  • Casa Espresso expands following investment

    Yorkshire coffee firm Casa Espresso has become the first coffee roaster in Bradford after further investment from owner Nino Di Rienzo.

    http://www.bqlive.co.uk/ImageGen.ash...&class=default (L-R) Nino Di Rienzo (Casa Espresso owner), Jonnie Drake (roaster and barista trainer) and Matthew Adams (barista trainer and account manager.)

    The investment from Di Rienzo has led to the firm purchasing new machinery to help them fill a gap they have identified in the market.

    Founded in 2000, the Shipley-based firm supplies coffee nationwide and Sanremo coffee machines to leading restaurants and cafes across the North of England.

    Nino, whose family has been involved in the local restaurant and coffee scene for more than 40 years, said: ““More and more micro roasteries are popping up – a bit like micro-breweries – but there isn’t one in Bradford so we felt it was a great opportunity to offer an even more bespoke service to our customers.”
    He added: “Traceability is important to us – we can track our coffee back to the individual farmer and village – and we source ethical green coffee that supports sustainable development of coffee agriculture.”
    Casa Espresso is also working on a number of brand collaborations and recently teamed up with cycling clothing company, Pilgrim Cycling Co, to supply a limited edition range of coffee.

    The custom Expedition Blend is designed to prepare cyclists for the ride ahead, and has been well received by attendees at industry events such as the London Coffee Festival & Spin London.
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    1. Glenn's Avatar
      Glenn -
      Feedback from a small group of testers on the forum has resulted in the following tasting notes for their upcoming Unione Espresso Blend.

      "Wasn't expecting it to do much as a pour over but put it through the Chemex to see.
      30grms >500grms, 93c, 3min 50sec, TDS 1.25%, EY 19.46%
      Extraction yield was in the sweet zone for getting best balance between flavour clarity and body/mouthfeel.
      Tasting notes bang on the money. Good creamy mouthfeel. As the cup cooled - sweet raspberry acidity"


      "I was fiddling with a finder grind but usual tamp pressure. 19g in and 38g out but 63 seconds. Yes 63 seconds. Smelled fine, tasted ok so I thought I would see what happened in
      milk. It was gorgeous. A very upfront milk chocolate sweetness and taste followed by something almost strawberry like. It tasted like I was drinking a melt strawberry cream chocolate from a Milk Tray

      This is a very versatile coffee but I found it worked best in milk.

      Casa Espresso has also offered a 10% discount code exclusively for the Coffee Forums UK Members.
      The offer can be used more than once and it will be available for a limited time only.

      The code is

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