• We are 10000

    In just under 7 years Coffee Forums UK has grown from an idea into the UK's largest online coffee community, recently surpassing 10000 members.

    Ably supported by a small team of moderators, Coffee Forums UK founder Glenn Watson has maintained an online community which is regularly praised for being one of the friendliest forums on the internet.

    Glenn Watson comments "I would like to publicly thank all our members and site advertisers for taking time to read and post on Coffee Forums UK and giving us a truly global reach". He goes on to say "Over the past 7 years I have been delighted with the feedback and interaction from all members and our team of moderators, which has allowed us to respond to member generated requests and provide a safe environment to discuss and debate the merits of coffee beans, coffee machines, coffee roasters as well as providing a platform for education and entertainment."

    Funded in its early stages by 5M Coffee Company, Coffee Forums UK is now supported through advertising and sponsorship from a diverse range of UK-centric coffee roasters, machine suppliers, training and consultancy companies and its members.

    Coffee Forums UK holds member events throughout the year as well as regular giveaways of its forum merchandise.

    For more information or to become a member visit

    You can also follow us on Twitter @coffee_forums and Facebook
    Comments 11 Comments
    1. Thecatlinux's Avatar
      Thecatlinux -
      Well done , and keep up all the good work.
      This sure is a friendly and informative forum .
    1. NickdeBug's Avatar
      NickdeBug -
      Nice going guys.

      A fantastic resource for the coffee drinkers out there, and a great place to hang out with friends.
    1. DoubleShot's Avatar
      DoubleShot -
      Great milestone. Shouldn't be long until the next one...
    1. Eyedee's Avatar
      Eyedee -
      A great community spirit with people who are happy to both share and give.

    1. Daren's Avatar
      Daren -
      Big up Glenn!
    1. Rhys's Avatar
      Rhys -
      As the Americans would say 'whoop, whoop!!' Which probably translates as 'good show..'
    1. Phil104's Avatar
      Phil104 -
      Thanks Glenn - and for your shoulder, always at the burrs.
    1. Mouse's Avatar
      Mouse -
      Great stuff Glenn and of course our mods
    1. hotmetal's Avatar
      hotmetal -
      I thought you meant 10000 posts, and was thinking we ought to have a whip round for Bootsy. 10000 members, wow! I am indebted to the forum for rescuing me from mediocre coffee. Every day's a good coffee day now and it's down to Glenn, Neil294, DavecUK and everyone else who's helped me along my coffee journey.
    1. Drewster's Avatar
      Drewster -
      We are Legion!

      (Well technically we could be anything from about 1 and a half legion to about 9)
    1. Rhys's Avatar
      Rhys -
      Bloody hate this place, it's costing me a fortune..

      ..and it'll cost me a lot more in the future I expect

      All good though..
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