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  • Bacchi Stove Top Espresso Machine

    As far as stove top espresso makers go, this is the best I have used, head and shoulders above the results of a Moka Pot extraction, and produces a very likeable espresso

    The Bacchi is a stovetop espresso maker with no electrical parts, relying on a steam driven piston and ambient machine temperature (thermal conduction) to heat the water, which is forced through the compressed coffee grounds to make the espresso.

    The main heat source could be an electric or gas stovetop, and as the Bacchi is lightweight and portable it can even be used outdoors on a gas cooker

    No previous coffee making experience is required, and the Bacchi works well with either pre-ground supermarket coffee or freshly ground beans (recommended).

    The Bacchi has a smaller footprint than a conventional coffee machine and looks good on the bench too.

    How to make coffee with the Bacchi
    • Disassemble the Bacchi by unscrewing the compression tap
    • Remove the extraction head, water chamber, basket and piston
    • Add water into the base of the Bacchi (only a tablespoon or so is required)
    • Place the piston into the base
    • Fill the well to the top with water
    • Grind and dose 14g of ground coffee into the basket (do not tamp)
    • Place the extraction head of the portafilter (this tamps the coffee) onto the basket
    • Place the portafilter on top of the piston
    • Align the spouts with the drip trays
    • Tighten compression tap as much as possible, to form a tight seal around the base of the piston and ensure a snug fit for all parts of the machine
    • Ensure that the portafilter pressure valve is closed
    • Place on a gas hob (or electric stove top) and ignite
    • Aim for a 6 minute target from ignition to extraction
    • There is a 2 stage whistle, with a noticeable increase in pitch just prior to opening the pressure valve to start the extraction process
    • Open the pressure valve, allowing the water to pass through the compressed grounds and extract through both spouts
    • Turn off the heat source
    • Wait until the Bacchi has cooled and then disassemble to clean

    Single or Double Espressos can be extracted
    Easily repeatable espresso
    No grinder required (works perfectly well with pre-ground coffee)
    Easy to clean (all parts can be fully immersed in water)
    Made from anodised aluminium the Bacchi is scratchproof and robust
    Guarantee / Warranty – as well as Londinium’s 14 day no-quibble returns policy

    Time – 1 minute preparation time and 6 minutes extraction
    All silver parts hot to the touch except pressure valve and compression tap (black parts)
    Need to immerse in cold water to release pressure and reload before the next extraction unless allowing to cool naturally
    Flimsy packaging (not really an issue as the Bacchi is likely to grace your benchtop for years)

    Available from Londinium Espresso

    Photography by @coffeephoto
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    1. Glenn's Avatar
      Glenn -
      Over the past month or so I have been enjoying coffee from the Bacchi stove top espresso machine, on loan for a review from Londinium Espresso, a London based coffee roaster.

      I must confess, it took me a few more weeks to return than I had planned as I was enjoying the espresso's extracted from the Bacchi and didn't want to give it back!

      There was a real sense of involvement with this method. The focus was not so much on the grind (it was very forgiving of a poor grind and performed well with pre-ground supermarket coffee) but on the time and listening for the pitch change in the whistle, indicating when the coffee was ready to be extracted.

      Most Moka Pot extractions I have had have been murky/gritty but with the Bacchi the espresso was clean with little or no sediment visible.

      Please visit the review article and add your comments if you have used the Bacchi or have any questions regarding its operation.
    1. liquidmonkey2000's Avatar
      I like the sound of the Bacchi Stove Top Espresso Machine a lot. I am sure I would enjoy the ritual of using this. If only I could think of a niche it could fill. It would be to big to take away with me - I tend to use Handpresso for such eventualities - and I have my Silvia when at home. Now I could see it sitting in the kitchen of my Sicilian get-away pad - if only I could afford that.
    1. LeeWardle's Avatar
      LeeWardle -
      Oh yeahhhhhhh I love the sound of this! I have always thought a regular moka pot was a bit hit and miss and the quality/prep & brew time did not match so my pots spend most of their life on the bench.

      As this machine has a steam piston though I would think the espresso would be pretty good. I take it you get a crema?

      Mmmmm it's Christmas soon! On the list I think! ( better buy from the sponsor though eh?!)

    1. Glenn's Avatar
      Glenn -
      Consistently good crema...
      Yes, please buy from the link in the article. That way we get to play with more new machines and continue to be able to send out coffee from time to time

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