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    Single dose grinder with virtually zero retained grind for the best taste in coffee

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    The Niche Zero is a new premium quality coffee grinder, designed to shake up the prosumer market by being the first of its kind to retain virtually no grind. After a very successful two weeks on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo it has surpassed its initial funding target, with two weeks still to go.

    It has been favourably featured in a wide range of respected publications including: Perfect Daily Grind, Daily Coffee News, Coffee Forums UK and has also been exhaustively tested and reviewed by internationally respected coffee expert Dave C. Read the full independent review in Niche Zero reviews.

    The innovative Niche Zero features 63mm conical burrs that you would normally expect to find in a £1200 grinder and has been meticulously developed to be one of the quietest on the market. After all, no one likes to wake up or be irritated by the sound of coffee being ground in the morning. The Niche Zero consistently delivers brilliant grind quality which is confirmed by Dave C, “The Niche will absolutely blow away any grinder up to £800 and totally match any grinder of £1200 and possibly beyond.”

    Grind size can be quickly and precisely changed from fine to coarse with one simple twist, meaning you can effortlessly produce perfect grind suitable for a full range of coffee styles and brewing methods from espresso right through to pour over and French press. Mark B, who helped Dave C review the Niche Zero, brewed V60 and French press and commented, “The dosing with the Niche was impressive. Add your exact dose, plus one bean and you get at least your dose out (at constant grinder settings). No purging nor sweeping out of chutes.”

    With the Niche Zero, the single dose work flow is elegant and simple, meaning you only grind the exact amount of beans you need just before you want them, allowing you to keep all the rest of your precious beans fresh and safely stored away. “It made using the naked portafilter fun again,” explained Dave C.

    The Niche Zero means home users finally have a gateway to truly amazing 3rd wave premium coffee, with no need for a commercial grinder. This is the simple to use single dose grinder that consumers have been asking for.

    Backed by professionals, the Niche Zero has been described as a “game changer” with an “aluminium body and wood accents that give a nice blend of organic and modern.”

    Join the 100’s of speciality coffee lovers who have already backed the Niche Coffee Indiegogo campaign and be one of the first to own the revolutionary Niche Zero.

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    For more information visit
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    Niche, the up and coming British coffee innovators, last month publicly unveiled their new full yield coffee grinder. In early September, the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder will be available to pre-order at a discounted price on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The Niche Zero Grinder offers the following advantages over its competitors:

    • Zero retained grind. Every coffee you make is truly fresh with no waste, saving you money long term.
    • The quietest grinder available at only 72dB.
    • 63mm commercial grade burrs precisely driven, ensuring your coffee grounds never get burnt.
    • Infinite grind size control allows you to deliver the perfect consistency for your taste.
    • Sitting stylishly at 31cm in height, the Niche Zero Grinder fits perfectly under most kitchen cabinets.
    • Complimented by a solid cast aluminium body and interchangeable, reclaimed oak features.
    • Niche is British made with the highest quality materials.

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    Designer and CEO Martin Nicholson explains “Having worked in the industry for 30 years, I wanted to design and produce a revolutionary coffee product. My love for getting the best taste in coffee, combined with my research into what makes the best brew, made the Niche Zero Grinder an obvious project. Our revolutionary Niche Zero Grinder retains virtually zero grind, guaranteeing you the freshest possible coffee. Not only that, but we have managed to design a coffee grinder that is better looking, saves you money long term and is quieter and easier to use. We can’t wait for the September launch on Indiegogo and we look forward to helping everyone make better tasting coffee.”

    Developing a product which improves one of the world’s most popular drinks is no easy feat, but the family-run business Niche have achieved exactly that, right here in the UK. This didn’t just happen overnight, the ground-breaking Niche Zero Grinder is the result of 4 years of technical engineering, refinement and development, with over 30 prototypes.

    Niche’s CEO Martin Nicholson is an accomplished designer with over 30 years of industry and design experience. Martin has worked with a vast number of global companies, including; Kenwood, Phillips, Braun, Tefal, Bombay Sapphire, Anglepoise, Airbus, Russell Hobbs, AEG, Dualit, Sanyo and Sunbeam. Using his expertise, Martin developed the Niche Zero to improve the quality of ground coffee, ensuring that every bean is precisely and quietly ground.

    Niche’s commitment to improving the taste of coffee developed from bad experiences using existing grinders and a passion for achieving the best taste in coffee. The only way to make really good coffee is to use truly fresh ground beans. Unfortunately, current grinders all store old stale grind in their mechanisms, which subsequently taints your next brew with stale, old ground coffee. The coffee enthusiasts at Niche were determined to change this.

    Martin describes the launch of Niche as the fulfilment of a 30 year dream. “Being able to have an impact on the quality of coffee people consume is something that I am proud of”.

    For more information visit or find us on Facebook

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    by Published on 22-06-17 09:16

    Thinking of treating yourself to an Oomph?

    Enter the code below at the checkout after clicking on the banner

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    Pride, Passion and Perfection is what goes into every roasted bean at Adams + Russell Coffee Roasters.

    Where we’ve been roasting the freshest coffee since 1978.

    We roast each and every day. Giving you the choice of over 46 roasts from all over the world. All our beans have a unique story of pride behind them. Right back to the country of origin and the farmers we work with.

    We won’t be be beaten on price and quality never suffers at Adams+Russell Coffee Roasters. So give us a try.

    Facebook -
    Instagram - @adamsandrussell
    Twitter - @adamsandrussell
    Pinterest -

    Adams & Russell Coffee Rosters serve both wholesale and retail customers right across the UK. You can shop their range both on their website and in their roasters. They also host a free monthly coffee school where customers can learn all about the roasting process and brewing methods. Their best performing retail offer is on their 3 for £12 bags of fresh coffee
    by Published on 02-06-17 06:46

    Perc is a Leeds (UK) based coffee app business making specialty coffee more accessible with thehelp of the world’s most passionate coffee enthusiasts and professionals!

    Launched on the 1st June 2017 - we'd encourage you to head over iTunes and pop £2.99 into the meter and give Palate a whirl.

    Click here to find out more about Palate - the coffee tasting app

    Perc has created Palate as a simple app, designed to start complex conversations, and they would love to know what you think of it! Perc wants this to be the most useful tool possible and can’t do that without your help and opinions.

    Just to briefly mention what's already planned for a "pro features” update late July:

    • Browse your entire collection of taste cards, stored within the app
    • An additional square add-on so the taste card can change from a square to a rectangle as needed. This allows for more data inputs such as:
      • Location data, brew method, & a general text field
      • Data fields to showcase your entire brew recipe
      • Data fields for extraction data and other technical stuff

    • An ace or two up our sleeves that we’re not revealing just yet

    But, in the meantime we’ll be honing Palate into the most useful and easily usable version of itself that it can be. We’ve had some great feedback so far and are looking forward to hearing yours.

    The Perc team.
    by Published on 17-05-17 08:10

    John Street Beverage are a family-owned and operated beverage company based in Greenhithe, Kent. With nearly four decades of experience, the company is renowned for offering the highest quality coffees, teas and beverage supplies in the UK. Additionally, the company provides comprehensive barista training courses and training tools.

    John Street’s passion for coffee started back in 1978, when he had his first experience with an independent coffee roaster. From then, his love for coffee grew and his journey of sampling coffees from around the globe began. In 1979, John Street sold his first case of coffee from his family-owned business, and since then, the business has flourished. As per Stephen Street, the Managing Director of the beverage company, and son of John Street, the success of John Street Beverage lies in their passion for offering outstanding quality products, incredible attention to detail and compassionate service to each customer that they service.

    Offering the finest selection of coffees, teas, hot chocolates, milkshakes, smoothies, organic and gluten free products, coffee machines – and much, much more – John Street Beverage is proud of the service that they provide and honored that they have the opportunity to share their passion for coffee with others.

    In keeping with their love for coffee, John Street Beverage has recently announced that they have launched their very own line of coffee: Street & Co. Coffee. The 100% Arabica blend premium coffee was created by the coffee connoisseurs at JSB specifically to suit the taste profile of today’s coffee drinkers. The coffee is made with the finest 100% Arabica beans that are procured from Brazil, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. A medium roast with undertones of sweet toffee and honeyed notes, and the slightest hint of citrus, Street & Co. Coffee has been blended to truly satisfy the taste buds. Packaged in vacuum packed bags that feature one way air valves to ensure freshness, JSB really has gone above and beyond to offer a product that coffee lovers will thoroughly enjoy.

    Street & Co. Coffee is available in a variety of options, including Fairtrade and Triple certified beans, filter coffee, pre-ground decaffeinated espresso and ground ready for use as a cold brew and in cafetiere. They also offer fresh ground coffee bags that are designed for individual servings. The coffee, in all of its varieties, has been very well received by consumers, and JSB is truly delighted that they have been able to share their love for coffee by providing a product that they created.

    For those who are looking to experience an incredible tasting, high-quality coffee that is made from the finest Arabica beans in the world, Street & Co. Coffee from John Street Beverage will certainly meet – and exceed – expectations. Countless establishments, such as gastro pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels, are using this coffee and have found that it has received outstanding reviews. Anyone who is interested in learning more about Street & Co. Coffee is urged to contact John Street Beverage for further discussion.

    John Street Beverage has asserted their position as one of the most highly regarded beverage providers in the UK. Their products, as well as the services that they offer, have received outstanding praise. The addition of Street & Co. Coffee further asserts their commitment to providing the highest quality coffee to their consumers and is a true testament to their passion for excellence.

    “We are truly thrilled to be able to bring our passion for coffee to consumers in a whole new way. Since we started our business nearly 40 years ago, we have been committed to providing people with the finest quality coffee and coffee-related products, and it truly is quite incredible that we have been able to develop our own line of coffee. Really, there aren’t enough words to express how excited we are about Street & Co. Coffee,” Steve Street – Managing Director, John Street Beverage.

    John Street Beverage offers the most exceptional beverage products, and their Street & Co. Coffee lives up to their outstanding reputation and their commitment to delivering the highest quality coffee.
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    Order ahead technology pioneer Ordoo collated the interactive map of London’s queueless independent venues, where you can pay in advance from your mobile device and collect at your leisure.

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    A stark divide is evident between north and south London. Those living north of the river have access to over 95% more venues using mobile ordering technology, suggesting the Great British love of queueing is less ingrained in areas like Shoreditch and around the Silicon Roundabout.

    Recent months have seen giant chains such as Presto, Starbucks and McDonalds launch their own order ahead technology, seeking to latch onto a tech trend that has taken the hospitality world by storm.

    Cafes, restaurants and other smaller venues can save what amounts to three and a half days a year in customer queuing, ordering and payment time with mobile ordering technology. With Ordoo, cafes can also create better customer experiences through leveraging data generated by the platform and smooth their operations.

    Ordoo founder and CEO Tom Dewhurst commented: “It’s amazing to see the traction mobile ordering is seeing north of the river, and here at Google Campus we’re seeing it work every day. There’s no need for south Londonders to queue either though - this is something that really doesn't have to remain a British tradition!

    “We’re rolling our system out all over London so more customers and more venues can enjoy a slicker experience and simpler operations.”
    by Published on 02-05-17 09:28  Number of Views: 731 

    The Clerkenwell Design Week takes place 23rd-26th May 2017 when the latest and greatest from the world of design and interiors is showcased around the busy streets of Clerkenwell in central London. A wide range of events, showroom tours, presentations and exhibitions await you...

    We’re very pleased to have our central London coffee machines showroom of bean to cup coffee machines and professional espresso coffee machines on the ‘showroom trail’ again this year. Clerkenwell is perhaps the most important design and creative district in the world and the Design Week has become the ‘go-to’ event for thousands of visitors.

    Ben Hardwick, Sales Manager at Caffia Coffee Group comments:

    “Our central London coffee machine showroom is useful for City offices trying a quick flat white or top restaurants designers alike; we really do look forward to serving you at 47 Gee Street over the Design Week – delicious coffee and a delicious hog roast awaits you!’

    Caffia Coffee Group London showroom can be reached on 0203 096 7233 and their website at:; the overall website for the Design Hub with its full range of flooring, furniture and acoustics experts is:

    Caffia Coffee Group, Design Hub Clerkenwell, 47 Gee Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 3RS – 0203 096 7233

    Caffia Coffee Group is a dynamic family-run coffee business offering a range of commercial coffee machines for offices, cafes and restaurants.
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    The goal:

    The Clean Coffee Project wants to force the European Government to implement a deposit system for single-use coffee capsules made out of a toxic mixture of plastics and aluminium.


    We can not afford to waste valuable resources, water and energy. As most of the capsules end up in the general trash and only a small amount of them return back into the recycling process, most end up on landfills and finally in the ocean.

    Facts & Figures:
    As the companies do not publish any numbers, the real amount of consumed capsules can not be figured exactly.

    In 2014 Germany alone consumed between 2 and 3 Billion single-use coffee capsules. That equals 4000 to 5000 tons of plastic and aluminium waste.

    The industry estimates that Market leader Nespresso sold 8 Billion aluminium capsules in 2013 worldwide. That equals 8 Million kilograms of aluminium waste.

    The recycled aluminium can not be used for new capsules. Therefore Nespresso always needs primary aluminium.

    The average capsule contains around 4-6 g of coffee wrapped up with 2 to 3 g of packaging.

    The Story:

    Buy it, consume it and throw it away. Single-use coffee capsules are the embodiment of our throw-away society. A quick enjoyment to feed our convenience,
    the latest lifestyle product

    Not only these capsules are wasting valuable resources during production and afterwards in the recycling process - they can't be recycled easily. Because they are made out of a mix of materials like plastic, foils, paper and aluminium. Plastic and aluminium are toxic and apart from that there are plenty different systems on how European countries organize, execute and control their recycling system.

    The companies say that they have a proper working recycling system, but the truth is that they leave it to the customer. The result: most of the used capsules end up in the general trash, on landfills and finally endanger the environment and the ocean.

    The conclusion of a Study carried out by the Zero Waste Research Center in 2010 is

    The only solution is a deposit system.

    Read the full statement:

    Therefore the Clean Coffee Project has created the campaign page To sign the petition, to offer information about the problem, to show eco-friendly alternatives. And to invite Companies and NGO`s to join the campaign and become „Supporting Partner“.

    The Clean Coffee Project is a campaign from the Clean Ocean Project, a Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) which is based on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

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    We are delighted to introduce to you Cloggs Coffee.

    Cloggs Coffee was founded in 2003 as a small coffee shop in an old converted clog factory in a West Yorkshire town, hence the name!
    We are a family run business who take pride in the provenance and premium quality of our coffee.
    We ethically source coffee beans from all over the world and hand roast them to order in small batches in the Calder Valley, Yorkshire.

    Initially we only roasted coffee for ourselves and a handful of local businesses but over the last couple of years we have branched out and now we are supplying coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and bars across the UK. We also sell our coffee and some great equipment online to the public at

    Free delivery on all orders over £30.00.

    Our wholesale customers enjoy free next day delivery with no minimum order requirement and a discounted rate on coffee beans and equipment.

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