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    On Sunday 02 August 2015 I will be cycling in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 event as part of the Save the Rhino team.

    I have been fortunate enough to see Rhino whilst on safari in South Africa, and hope that future generations will be able to share in that experience also.

    Your sponsorship will help me raise at least £650 towards Save the Rhino’s conservation efforts to conserve viable populations of critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.

    Click Here to Donate
    or send a text starting with RHNO75 then your donation amount (eg RHNO75 £10) to 70070
    Click on the bird when you have done so to tell your friends

    Attachment 11730

    Rhinos are facing an ever increasing poaching crisis and unless something dramatic is done to protect them they will become extinct in the wild. There is no one single solution to protect rhinos, what is needed is a wide range of activities. Your donation will help Save the Rhino deliver a range of activities (as shown below) and most importantly save the lives of Rhinos!

    Anti-poaching rangers form the first and last line of defence for rhinos. Effective field protection is critical to successfully protecting rhino populations. It is an incredibly difficult and dangerous job, without the right training, equipment, management and support they cannot defend rhinos.

    Monitoring rhinos is essential for keeping track of each animal and their movement patterns, habitat utilisation, population demographics. It is also a way for rangers to identify if a rhino has been poached. The information that is collected can be used by managers to plan translocations and introductions.

    Environmental Education
    If we want to protect rhinos in the future we need today’s children to grow up to be wildlife stewards and so it is important to teach children the benefits of wildlife and how to protect them

    Demand Reduction
    The demand for rhino horn has been identified as one of the main driving forces for the escalating poaching of rhinos. It is essential that work is done to reduce the demand for rhino horn in consumer countries in order to reduce poaching and protect rhinos for the long time
    The work that Save the Rhino supports includes raising awareness amongst the consumers of rhino horn, working with the authorities to catch and prosecute people trafficking rhino horn and working with policy makers to ensure laws are implemented.

    Rhinos tend to live in relatively small, isolated populations that need to be actively monitored and managed to ensure their persistence. As habitats are limited in extent and there are now great distances between rhino populations and barriers to their movements such as human habitation, the process needs to be helped artificially.

    Captive Breeding
    Protecting rhinos in the wild can be very challenging and uncertain. Hence, viable populations in captivity are also important as ultimate reservoirs of genetic and demographic material for reinforcement or re-establishment of wild populations as need and opportunity occur.

    Photo – Glenn Watson
    Text below the photo from the Save the Rhino website.
    To learn more visit

    All Coffee Forums UK Members who donate to support me will go in the draw to win a KeepCup and Coffee Forums UK Cupping Spoon
    Simply leave a comment below and add your forum username when donating
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    Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd November 2014
    Roasters || Baristas || Foodies || Brewers || Music
    || Manchester ||

    The inaugural Cup North event will be taking place on 01 / 02 November at the Artwork Atelier building in the Greengate area of Salford - located only a short walk away from Manchester city centre.

    Cup North will be open from 10am until late with music, food and drinking taking visitors through to the evening.

    Industry professionals, home baristas, coffee lovers and their friends & families are all welcome to attend.

    Follow Cup North on Twitter @cupnorth or on Facebook for details as they are announced, or visit the Cup North website.

    Stand space / barista slots and volunteer positions are available. Contact Hannah Davies for further details.

    by Published on 14-06-14 11:07  Number of Views: 4110 

    We are pleased to announce that Bella Barista has renewed their Coffee Forums UK Sponsorship for another 12 months

    Over the past 12 months Bella Barista has greatly expanded their product range, introduced a number of new machines (both lever and pump driven) and roasters to the market, as well as hosting a very successful forum open day.

    When contacting Bella Barista to discuss your next purchase please let them know that you are a Coffee Forums UK member.

    Did you know that you can even buy Green Beans from Bella Barista?

    You can also get hands-on with machines, grinders and roasters before making a purchase by visiting their new showroom in Wellingborough. Contact Claudette to make an appointment via
    Published on 31-05-14 09:19

    The world’s leading coffee buying guide,, has given high scores to six UK artisan roasted coffees. This is the first time have reviewed coffee from the UK. They cupped a selection of over 20 coffees and awarded 91+ points to six has become the world's largest and most respected coffee buying guide. Founded in 1997 by Kenneth Davids & Ron Walters, they conduct blind, expert cuppings of coffees and report the findings in the form of 100-point reviews, much like those that exist in the wine industry.

    The UK roasters that scored highly were Climpson and Sons, Artisan Roast, Horsham Coffee Roaster, Clifton Coffee Roasters and North Star Micro Roasters. Their coffees were:

    • Gatomboya Bourbon SL28 Kenya by Artisan Roast, Edinburgh, Scotland – 93 points
    • Ethiopia Guji Shakiso by Clifton Coffee Roasters, Bristol, England – 92 points
    • Ethiopia Levelup Coffee Natural by Horsham Coffee Roaster, West Sussex, England – 92 points
    • Doyo Coop Ethiopia by Climpson & Sons Coffee Roasters, London, England - 91 points
    • Kiawamururu Kenya by Climpson & Sons Coffee Roasters, London, England - 91 points
    • Rwanda Gashonga by North Star Micro Roasters, Leeds, England - 91 points

    The article about the UK reviews is: contacted Lloyd Burgess, a former BBC Masterchef winner based in Bath, to help them identify a variety of UK coffees. Lloyd is founder of the site - - which sells over 60 coffees from UK artisan roasters.

    Climpson and Sons, London is a growing company of coffee enthusiasts, roasting espresso blends and a range of single origin beans. They supply their flagship café on Hackney’s Broadway Market, their own stall on market day, as well as a growing list of other establishments. Their cafe, established in 2005, is considered one of the pioneering venues for London’s now-famous coffee revolution.

    Artisan Roast, Edinburgh are an award winning Scottish gourmet coffee roastery with three cafés in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their coffees have been used in the world brewers cup, and their baristas regularly place as the top Scottish barista in the UK barista championships. Artisan Roasts coffees are carefully sourced either directly with growers or with long term supply chain partners and their goal is to find unique, quality focused and vibrant tasting micro-lots. John and Piotr from the roastery were delighted to score a massive 93 points with their Gatomboya from Kenya. The coffee has been a firm favourite with customers in the café’s through the last few months making it top of the list of coffees to share with the coffeereview buying guide.

    Horsham Coffee Roaster was started by husband and wife team Bradley and Amelia in April 2012 to supply local customers and a regular market stall. They now supply several coffee shops, cafes and pubs with premium quality, ethically traded, freshly roasted coffee. All their coffee is sourced through carefully selected partners who are dedicated to searching the world for the best coffees available.

    Clifton Coffee Company Bristol was founded in 2001, but it wasn’t until the early part of 2013 that they embarked upon their own roasting journey to deliver a coffee program to their customers that is dedicated purely to absolute quality with a truly seasonal approach to sourcing.

    North Star Micro Roasters is the first micro-roaster in Leeds dedicated to sourcing, roasting and supplying the best coffees they can get our hands on! North Star is focused 100% on speciality grade Arabica coffees which they craft roast, on demand, on Roxanne – their 5KG Toper roaster.

    Kenneth Davids of has published three books on coffee, including Coffee: A Guide To Buying, Brewing & Enjoying, which has sold more the 250,000 copies.

    For more information please contact:

    Published on 11-05-14 06:08  Number of Views: 8060 

    The U.S. designed Behmor 1600 has been the best-of-class home green bean coffee roaster since its introduction in 2007, winning the Specialty Coffee Association of America "Best New Product 2007 & 2008.

    The 220-240v models were once CE approved, until the good old Euro bureaucrats shifted their countertop-hot-appliance specification goal posts no less than 3 times in 18 months. Behmor lost a lot of money retooling their factory and ultimately their patience and so pulled out, preferring to wait for the Euro-dust to settle.

    The Behmor is approved and widely available in the U. S, Canada, Australia and NZ – It’s an excellent machine - yes the shell gets as hot as you’d expect when roasting, its an Oven! Perhaps we should ban frying pans, as they too get hot!

    My partner & I are from the Netherlands & England respectively. We both live in Dubai and run an ecommerce business, specialising in all things coffee for home baristas - like you and me.

    Why not check out the rest of our website?

    For £259, we can fly roasters in to the UK, to your door, using Aramex traceable express service.

    We’ll clearly invoice the value of the roaster without courier charges - should you get hit for VAT, you’ll be charged on £204.00
    (we can always play with that figure but this will have an obvious effect, should your roaster get lost or damaged – your call).

    So worse case scenario - you’ll have a Behmor in your kitchen for £300.

    There’s no other roaster in this class that can roast batches of up to 1 pound (454 g). The savings made on buying green beans over ready roasted will soon reward your investment.

    Two things I really enjoy in the kitchen are baking bread and roasting & brewing coffee for my family and I. Just like bread, there's nothing quite like good coffee that’s freshly roasted at home!

    We carry spares for all our machines too and will support you if required. Our rates to UK are very competitive and you’ll have a 12 month guarantee. Obviously it wouldn’t do to return the machine here for repair, but the Behmor has a clever and simple modular design - faults are relatively simple to determine and correct, with just a Philips screwdriver required.

    Having said all this, I’ve been throwing my Behmor from pillar to post and exhibition to demo, as well as using in my own kitchen for 18 months without any issue. We’ve yet to fix a single machine.

    More info on the Behmor here –

    We’re a fully registered Limited Liability Company here in Dubai.

    We had to jump through many hoops in order to offer secure online payments in the United Arab Emirates - you have total piece of mind (we’re trying to grow a business, not make a few quid). Further documentation can be provided if you still have doubts.

    Feel free to email any questions.


    [email protected]

    Coffee Forums UK would like to welcome Martin and the Give Me Coffee team on board as a forum advertiser
    by Published on 16-04-14 03:37  Number of Views: 2523 

    Phil, our director of coffee, is heading out on Easter Sunday to Costa Rica sourcing coffee to add to Origin Coffee’s collection. Phil will be searching all over the country but in particular will be visiting the Western and Central Valley as well as the region of Dota.

    Costa Rica’s flavour profile is renowned generally for its sweetness, making it a good choice for a single origin espresso. We are keen to visit and select from Costa Rica because there is a lot of experimentation going on country wide to the coffee process – we’re excited to see what we can taste.

    Costa Rica is famed for its use of the honey process, which controls the amount of mucilage on the coffee bean. This process, which is another name for a pulped natural process, looks to vary the pressure when removing the honey (or mucilage) creating differentials in taste when roasting. Phil will be tasting the full range of honeyed processes, black, red and yellow.

    We want to see what is possible with coffee from Costa Rica. Phil will be visiting wet mills, dry mills and going direct to farms, thinking about ways to commercialise the producer’s coffee. We want to create a collaboration between exporters and producers in order to find a sustainable long-term partner who can supply the consistency and continuity of quality. We want, as we do with all our coffee, traceability and transparency in our sourcing.

    There is so much possibility in Costa Rica, follow Phil’s progress and experience at, on Flickr and on Twitter.
    by Published on 02-04-14 09:05  Number of Views: 3130 

    The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe has been working with professionals in the coffee industry for more than 15 years, now it’s reaching out to consumers with an exciting new membership programme launching at The London Coffee Festival 2014. The speciality coffee industry is thriving as coffee aficionados flock to artisan cafés across the globe in a bid to indulge their passion for their favourite bean. Keen to encourage this rising interest in speciality coffee, SCAE (pronounced ‘Sky’) is launching a new membership programme especially for consumers. The Coffee Lovers membership is open to anyone who is not commercially involved with the speciality coffee industry and offers consumers a gateway into the coffee community.

    The London Coffee Festival celebrates London’s bustling and vibrant coffee scene. With over 20,000 visitors expected, The London Coffee Festival promises to be an unmissable event for discerning coffee lovers and those working in the coffee scene, making it the perfect place to launch SCAE’s new consumer membership. To help celebrate, 5 percent of all new member fees at the festival will go towards UK Coffee Week’s Project Waterfall Campaign, whilst on the SCAE stand, there will be speciality coffee sample giveaways.

    Membership Manager Jayne Richards said the following regarding the new launch;

    “As a trade association, SCAE has spent the last 15 years working with the industry to improve the quality of coffee in producing and consuming countries but we also recognise the importance of engaging and embracing the most important person within the whole coffee supply chain – you, the consumer. One way that you can help this process is to join our association as a consumer member – Coffee Lover. There are many bene­fits to being a member of SCAE, including receiving free samples of speciality coffee which I hope you will enjoy!”

    Annual membership costs £25+VAT (€30 in euro areas) and benefits include:

    • A one-month free subscription of speciality co­ffee from UK co­ffee roasters, via the Blank Box Company
    • Access to educational courses, information and resources
    • A free subscription to SCAE’s biannual Co­ffee Love magazine
    • Invitations to consumer events and networking opportunities
    • Regular E-Zines with updates on latest co­ffee trends and developments
    • Invitations to co­ffee field trips
    • A SCAE membership badge and certificate

    To find out more about Co­ffee Lovers membership visit SCAE at stand SR29 at The London Co­ffee Festival (3-6 April,, or log on to
    by Published on 25-03-14 10:21  Number of Views: 5254 

    We are pleased to announce Has Bean has renewed their forum sponsorship and their shiny new banner is now online.

    Steve and his team have been supporters of Coffee Forums UK for many years now and we think their In My Mug subscription is one of the best ways of exploring the wide range of tastes available in coffee.

    Did you know that you can even buy a Green Coffee IMM Subscription and roast it yourself and compare the tasting notes with the informative and inspirational podcast to accompany your subscription?

    If you're a current IMM subscriber add your username to the list and at the end of April, 1 lucky subscriber will be chosen to win a Has Bean Evolution T-shirt

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    Representatives from the coffee industry throughout the globe are set to gather in Rimini, Italy in June for World of Coffee, Rimini 2014. World of Coffee is the premium coffee event in Europe for quality coffee from bean to cup and features the most innovative products and services on the market today. The event is also going to be the stage for the flagship competition for baristas – The World Barista Championship - and will take place 10-12 June at Rimini Trade Fare Centre, Italy.

    The event is organised by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and with over 5,000 trade visitors expected, over 200 brands showcased, 20 thousand square meters of display space and 50 countries present, excitement is running high as the countdown begins…

    There are three core functions to World of Coffee. 1) It is a multi-faceted exhibition of all the latest innovations in coffee, 2) a training centre dedicated to educating and raising standards for individuals in the coffee world and 3) the stage for the international coffee competitions..


    The exhibition showcases every aspect of coffee production from been to cup including: coffee-producing nations, new technology, the latest trends, the most current models of consumption, and products from around the world, with demonstration areas where the best in specialty coffee and confectionery, fine cuisine, gelato and baking will be brought together for the first time in Rimini.


    Competitors from across the globe will compete on this world stage for the crown in three world coffee championships that include the flagship World Barista Championship as well as the World Brewers Cup and the World Coffee Roasting Championship. See

    World Barista Championship, is an annual destination for national barista champions from over 50 countries. In each competition, with numerous local and regional preliminary events, baristas prepare espressos, cappuccinos and original espresso signature drinks to exacting standards for a panel of international judges. World Brewers Cup, highlights the craft of filter coffee brewing by hand, promoting manual brewing techniques and service excellence. With a compulsory service and an open service round competitors prepare three beverages utilizing whole bean coffee provided to them and whole bean coffee of their choosing in a presentation format to focus on the extraction and flavour profiles of each. World Coffee Events debuted the World Coffee Roasting Championship last year at World of Coffee Nice 2013, France. Competitors in the three-stage event will be evaluated on their performance evaluating the quality of green coffee (coffee grading), developing a roasting profile that best accentuates the desirable characteristics of that coffee, and on the ultimate cup quality of coffees roasted


    Education, training, skill building and certification are core objectives of SCAE and the SCAE Coffee Diploma System that brings all of our education courses together into a modular system where coffee enthusiasts can pick and choose courses to match their professional/personal requirements. SCAE brings its prestigious Coffee Diploma System to World of Coffee every year so individuals can, at the show, improve their coffee skills and knowledge, or even get the certification for what they already know through the Coffee Diploma System.

    On the social side, a packed calendar of parallel events will round out the evenings during World of Coffee 2014, taking the fair out of the expo centre through initiatives, events, shows and contests that will bring the Rimini area to life and help turn it into the world’s new coffee capital.


    Fiera di Rimini was chosen by SCAE this year to concurrently host the two leading international events in the sector, World of Coffee and the World Barista Championship, due to the HoReCa expertise it has developed through one of the strongest, most comprehensive exhibition programmes in the sector.

    Speciality Coffee of Europe (SCAE) is the world’s leading professional organization for promoting quality coffee, bringing together some 1500 professionals from the coffee industry.
    SCAE's prime goal is to raise coffee standards, spreading knowledge and education through active training and a certification programme (the Coffee Diploma System), its internationally prominent event World of Coffee, and an array of world championships.

    World Coffee Events (WCE) is the umbrella organization uniting the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA); its aim is to promote quality coffee through targeted events and through seven world coffee competitions, including the World Barista Championship, the World Coffee Roasting Championship and the World Brewers Cup.
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    Dusty Ape has come onboard as a forum sponsor.

    They have a generous 20% off their single origin beans with the code CFUK20

    In addition they are this months 'Darker Side of Life' featured roaster.

    Follow Dusty Ape on Twitter @dustyape or follow them on Facebook

    Click the picture above to head straight to the Dusty Ape website and buy some beans.

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