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Nuova Simonelli Musica

Nuova Simonelli Musica


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Beautiful Heat Exchanger Italian espresso machine which makes exceptional coffee.
It has the NSF certification for Commercial Use which means it should last forever in a domestic setting so long as you look after it! 

Just fully serviced. Replaced the shower screen and seal with new

Seattle coffee love this machine because of its incredible steaming power and thermal stability. It actually beat the Rocket in their blind taste tests:


NB: This is the "tank" version not the plumbed in version

Simonelli are known for their steam quality and even provide the machines for the world barista championships.. I have  loved this machine.. but the boss says I have one too many machines so it has to go!


Interesting comparison here of the Musica vs the Rocket Appartamento..guess which comes out on top.. 

Paired with a good grinder I would say the shots are the equal of most dual boiler machines because of the thermal stability of the grouphead. Trial and inspections welcome!


London, London - United Kingdom

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Also how old is the machine - can you give me some details on its history? 



North London (Barnet) or my office in St Albans

The machine is around 2y old. The previous owners have a cafe. It was used there for a few months then they realised they needed more capacity and swapped to a two-group La Marzocco. They then took it home but hardly used it. So its only ever had a few months use. They also hadn't serviced it... so I did a complete service, descale and test. It works perfectly and looks almost brand new (a few tiny scratches where the portafilter goes into the grouphead). I replaced the showerscreen wioth original parts and upgraded the group seal with a cafelat. (Bought from the Espresso shop.. I have the receipt). It really is an excellent machine. You are welcome to "try before you buy"

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Hi there, what is the total heat up time?






Realistically ? 10-15 minutes.. due to the active thermal management its much quicker than standard E61 group machines.. ( eg the ECM Synchronika takes a good 30-40 minutes before it is heat stable)

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