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  • Advertise Your business here By DavecUK

    • 1 year and 7 months  
    We have a new advertising product for small businesses, or those who just want to dip in and out with the occasional advert. Short and medium term advertising at an affordable price. You don't get all the bells and whistles of our full banner advertisers, but you do appear in a very popular area of the forum. Click here
  • lsm leva group piston tool. La San Marco LSM Leva group piston seal tool, ACS Evo Leva. By Norvin

    • £40
    • 23 days and 17 hours  
    This is a special tool for unscrewing the piston on the 50mm cylinder LSM groups when changing or adjusting the seals. The four prongs on the tool engage in the four recesses on the piston surface. The seals can be changed in-situ or it is recommended that the first time it is used that the top of the group is removed and the procedure carried out on the bench, this is because the piston may be tight on the stud and the whole piston assembly may unscrew. These tools are primariiy aimed at owners
  • Vesuvius V10 Pressure Profile By Paolo_Cortese

    • 11 days and 14 hours  
    For a limited time we are going to offer a Vesuvius at bargain price. Due of Covid worst time ever we are thinking to sell some unit at lowest price in order to play with an unique machine at the same price as a simple dual boiler. The machines will be shipped after 3 weeks from the order or less if it's possible. Colored option on request.  24 months warranty and special conditions for import 1990GBP shipping included more details on request. Feel free to ask any question. Paolo 

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