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19-04-13, 11:47
Hello, just bouhgt myself a 'used' Gaggia classic (was brand new and still sealed) from Amazon Warehouse for the nice price of 93...

I now need a grinder.

Is there any retail shop in the Bolton/Manchester area which stocks a large range of coffee Grinders? I only ask as I would like to see them in the flesh before I buy.

I have tried searching but not much came up - which is the better grinder - Gaggia MDF or Rancillio Rocky. I am going to be using it on my gaggia and for in press. I am limited for counter top space so I am not able to buy any proper commercial grinder.

Also I don't want stepless because I am wanting to go from fine to coarse easily and not spend half the day chainging it haha!


19-04-13, 11:52
I have the Classic and I recently got a doserless Rocky. Teamed up with Fresh beans from Booths for 3 per 250g and I'm happy! I too wanted stepped because I also enjoy French Press aswell as espresso based drinks from the Classic.

The MDF seems difficult to get hold of and review-wise, it's not as good as the Rocky. It's also doser only which is a pain if you don't make a lot of coffee per day imo.

I guess if you can get either second-hand and cheap then just go for one or the other. Good luck!

19-04-13, 11:57
Thanks for the reply. The most i'd like to spend is about 250 so both are within my price.

Just wonder if there are any other stepped grinders which are good in this price range.

19-04-13, 12:06
are you sure you cannot get a mazzer mini to fit with a micro hopper?

19-04-13, 12:08
Possibly, but my budget is max 250.

I thought it was a stepless grinder though?

19-04-13, 12:16
it is stepless but adjusts quite easily

19-04-13, 12:17
you could get a used mazzer mini for that, and the grind quality will blow he others away at that price.

19-04-13, 12:21
what about this? with a micro hopper


19-04-13, 12:27
I don't really want to buy used.

Just had a look at the depth of the Mazzer, it is too deep for where it needs to go.

19-04-13, 12:31
and too expensive new!

19-04-13, 12:33
if it has to be stepped and doserless and small then the rocky will suit your needs

19-04-13, 12:35
yep haha! It may be a possibility in the future though.

But out of the rocky and MDF, i'm swaying more towards the rocky as it's doserless.

19-04-13, 12:49
i use an mdf at work as i can hide it away in a cupbord, i have it paired to a brasilia lady and it works fine, agreed the downside is the doser.

20-04-13, 08:44
I'm in the same predicament. Just bought a Classic and my old grinder (a Dualit) is ok for the brewed coffee I've previously made, but dosn't grind fine enough for espresso.

I've been think of getting a Rocky, but also considering the Eureka Mignon (recommended in "Caffine" magazine which I picked up in a London coffee shop) for about the same price. How do these two machines compare?


20-04-13, 09:06
the mignon is a MUCH better grinder, the only reason the recommendation above was given about the rocky was the ops criteria, i.e small, steeped adjustment and doser version. The Mignon has a much more accurate dial in and much better grind coonsistency than the Rocky. If I were making the choice then I would opt for Mignon out of those two, however I would opt for a used commercial instead of either of them (but then the size is not an issue)

20-04-13, 09:25
I had a rocky but swiftly sold it after getting a mignon a couple of years ago. Well worth a little bit extra cash if you are to buy new

25-04-13, 09:03
Decided i'm going to stump up the extra cash and hopefully buy a Eureka Mignon...I've decided for the amount I will be changing grinds the mignon will suit me. I also like the looks and size and also the reviews which people give it.

The Systemic Kid
25-04-13, 09:15
Decided i'm going to stump up the extra cash and hopefully buy a Eureka Mignon...I've decided for the amount I will be changing grinds the mignon will suit me. I also like the looks and size and also the reviews which people give it.

Think you will find the Mignon ticks all the boxes - not too big and produces good quality grind. Have you read the review on the Bella Barrista site - the Mignon came out top and, in the opinion of the reviewer, outperformed the more expensive Vario.

25-04-13, 09:30
Yeah that is what swayed me into it TBH. But as I have found out - what one person thinks is a good grinder another person thinks its rubbish!

Hopefully will get it ordered next week when I get paid...