View Full Version : Apple Airport Express (wireless N)

31-12-12, 11:45
I have for sale a boxed and perfect condition Apple Airport express.

For those who don't know what this little chap does.. let me illuminate you :)

-can act as a wireless repeater
-can turn a wired connection into a wireless connection
-can hook up to an existing wireless connection and turn it back into a wired connection (perhaps for connecting an XBOX to your network)
-can be used for streaming audio to hi-fi kit or a second room.
-can create a network connection for a USB printer

and many many more. Probably one of the most versatile apple products out there. This is the last of the plug top models, and is about 1 year old. It comes boxed and in perfect working order.

Looking for 50 inclusive of RMSD

03-01-13, 02:58
I'll take it at asking. Can't PM as I just joined to buy the APE (there's a 5-post minimum for PMs)..! :-p PM me your bank details (or other payment method, if preferred) and I'll send the funds.


P.S. - Are you the same 'shrink' that frequents the vairous hifi forums..? :)

03-01-13, 03:09
i'm sorry mate, its all gone now :( someone snaffled it yesterday. and yep.. same shrink indeed!