View Full Version : Uk replacement Ulka/CEME pumps.

13-04-12, 04:06
Hi all, just thought I would share this, as it can sometimes be difficult to 'source' parts in the UK. Just ordered a replacement Ulka EX5 pump for my Euro 2ooo Junior (originally fitted with a CEME vibe pump), after searching the web, this was the best price and only 4.50 for delivery, might be useful to someone:


09-05-12, 01:36
Thanks for posting this!
I was googling looking for a UK supplier of this pump and found your posting on these forums.
Pump was delivered today which was next day delivery by standard post.
So I can recommend the dealer too!

11-05-12, 12:26
Thank you all for your help - still struggling however, I've tried unscrewing when the machine's been hot and cold - I don't like the sound of 'folding' the shower screen like a calzone though!! Think I'm going to go down to B&Q to buy a screwdriver that will fit the screw properly. Is there one which is tried and tested?