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14-12-08, 10:48
WO here.

Okay, my name is Warren Owen, but everyone calls me "WO" (pronounced "whoa"). You can follow me on twitter at twitter.com/WOnet

I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, across the pond, and in the middle of the desert. I work for a large chain coffee company. I have a HUGE passion for coffee, coffee knowledge, and the people involved in coffee (picking to drinking). I was the co-host of the now-defunct Coffee Convo podcast. I will be starting up my new cast soon, just take a little time to get everything in line.

I am looking forward to all the fun stuff that is going to be going on.

...just my 2 beans

14-12-08, 11:14
Hey. Great to see you joining in with us here at CFUK! And great to see another Starbucks guy here, actually. The big chains do get underrepresented, and often slagged for no reason (something I'm guilty of myself), so it's great to here a balanced arguement.

Anyway, welcome, and I really hope you enjoy your time with us :)

15-12-08, 01:14
Welcome WO!

I'm glad you have joined as it is great to see an international contingent forming.

Keep up the great work spreading the word about coffee and helping to raise awareness of the specialty coffee industry in general.

16-12-08, 09:03
Hi WO, welcome to the club!

Do you visit the UK sometimes for a coffee? Would be interesting to see what you think of us over here...

23-12-08, 05:16
About time u joined here. can't wait for the new podcast. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Cheers!