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18-11-08, 06:41
Hi there,

I'm Richie and I am a coffeeholic!. Well not really but I am starting to appreciate the better things in life as far as coffee goes. I now own a cona vac pot, several bodum french presses, a zassenhaus grinder and a small stack of coffee from hasbean.co.uk.

I cone onto this site to learn more about coffee, and because I stumbled upon it after putting in a google search about technivorm machines, one of which may well be my next purchase.

I hope to stick around a while and learn some more about coffee and eventually hope to be able to home roast as well as home grinding my beans.

Thats about it for now, so erm. Hi!!

18-11-08, 07:01
Welcome Richie

It's refreshing to see that people enjoy coffee drinks that are not espresso based.

Vac Pot and French Press coffees do not generally enjoy the same coverage as other brewing methods but I am sure you will find a few kindred spirits here.

18-11-08, 07:36
I have found my 1st great piece of info from this forum already. Pumphrey's coffee showroom is about 15 minutes from my door so I already have a new avenue of exploration to travel up!

18-11-08, 07:39
In that case you may want to pop along and watch the Barista Jam next week as well.

Stuart will look after you I'm sure

18-11-08, 08:55
I might have to go along. I sent him an email earlier on and I shall see what I am doing on that particular day. I do not however want to stick out as the new guy in the world of coffee!

18-11-08, 09:28
If you live near Newcastle, pop by Jesmond Metro Station and check out Coolaboola :p (It's where I work lol)

Welcome! As Glenn says, it's nice to see some French Press love. And HasBean is a great choice, just cupped some of their coffees on my blog.

Anyway, hope you find your time here helpful and entertaining, and I hope to see you at the Barista Jam, cos that'd be awesome if you could make it.


18-11-08, 09:42
I am free on the day of the Jam so I may have to pop along. Next time I am in town I'll jump on the metro, one of my mates lives in jesmond so its an excuse to get down there!

18-11-08, 09:47
Awesome. We're open week days, but not weekends. Just introduce yourself, and say I sent you if I'm not there. I usually am though...I practically live in the little unit lol.

18-11-08, 09:49
lol. walking into an unknown coffee shop and saying 'Seamus sent me. I hear you make a mean macchiato!!' Normally not done but on this occasion maybe! Not that I know the calibre of your macchiato.

19-11-08, 01:43
It's a whoop ass macchiato, I'll tell you tha for free :p

But then again, Costa say the same thing, so who knows... lol