View Full Version : Saddleback DCB Thin Briefcase (medium)

Yes Row
31-10-16, 09:34
Recently I purchased this second hand but it is not big enough for me and i am going to stick with my XL Briefcase. It is in nigh on perfect/unused condition. It only has one shoulder pad (two only needed if you are going to use as a backpack and i doubt anybody ever would) This still has the smell of leather

New, on the SBL website these are $650 plus postage and the import duties you will be stung for, link attached with all the info including size measurements
http://www.saddlebackleather.com/th...own&custcol3=Natura Pigskin&custcol15=Current (http://www.saddlebackleather.com/thin-briefcase?quantity=1&custcol1=M&custcol2=Dark%20Coffee%20Brown&custcol3=Natura%20Pigskin&custcol15=Current)
400 posted within the UK

This really is a wallop off what it would cost to import