View Full Version : Expandakabin 4.3 x 2.3m home office

23-08-16, 11:08
Approved by Glenn despite being a business sale:

Expandakabin with custom made blinds and air conditioning.

Light home office use.

This is the largest size they do.

The basic building on their Website with the two glazed windows / door would be 4955 plus vat. The air conditioning was about 800 and the blinds about 80-100 from recollection. So there's about 6000 plus vat here.

Price advertised is 3500 plus VAT. payment only by BACS/Cash.

Contact me with any questions.

Pictures to follow.

Further details: http://www.expandakabin.co.uk

06-12-16, 11:27
Bump! :)

15-01-17, 04:10
Going on ebay tonight.

4380mm (L) x 2302mm (W). Weight: 982kg