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03-03-11, 08:58
Hi, newbie here, it's good to find a coffee forum which is for UK as most are American!

Anywho, got a delonghi cafe treviso a few years back (wedding pressie). which got me interested in making decent coffee at home. As of today I am now the proud owner of a gaggia baby - a new toy to try and improve my skills & make great coffee. (see pic attached for first attempt at a latte!

I have been ordering fresh coffee beans from beanshop.co.uk for a while now. I also grind my own beans using a krups burr grinder.

I'm now looking for recommendations for a decent tamper, I don't want to spend loads - around 20-30 mark. are there any recommendations?


03-03-11, 09:14
Hi, and welcome to the forum, Scott.

There's been a thread recently on cheap tampers that might help: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?3271-Best-tamper-under-%A320

03-03-11, 10:56
Welcome Scott. Here's a nice looking one http://www.coffeecreations.co.uk/espresso-tamper-zebra/p202

03-03-11, 02:03
Hi Scott and welcome to the forums.

03-03-11, 09:11
thank for the replys - got myself a 58mm lava tamp from coffee hit. Then it's practice practice practice!

04-03-11, 05:42
Welcome Scott - good choice on the tamper - same as mine ;)

05-03-11, 09:38
Hi there, welcome to Coffee Forums

05-03-11, 10:26
Welcome to Coffee Forums UK Scott

Was it coffeebeanshop.co.uk (http://coffeebeanshop.co.uk) that you order from?

Mention to Liz that you are a Coffee Forums UK member when you order next :)