View Full Version : new member told to introduce myself so HI!!!!!

01-03-11, 10:40
Am a coffee lover and am on an exponential learning curve at present, moving from having a home set up to taking over a coffee business. I think I may be slightly insane but I am passionate about coffee so I hope to succeed, and I hope you love my coffee as much as I do. My Barista and VRQ training were provide by mentness and I feel the better for it. But I find it slightly difficult to drink coffee when I am out and about now.

01-03-11, 01:14
Welcome GB. Insanity and OCD are key criteria for forum members so you should fit right in :)

01-03-11, 01:40
Welcome to the forum. Once you get your home kit sorted, many high streets can be disappointing. I cannot imagine what its like after professional training.

01-03-11, 11:09
Welcome to Coffee Forums

04-03-11, 05:57
Welcome - twitter research suggests I know which business you've taken over :) Good luck and enjoy - as someone who moved into professional coffee last year, I'm sure you'll have an exciting and very interesting time!

05-03-11, 11:05
Welcome GB

Slightly insane is an understatement but I know you'll do well. I think I know the business you have acquired too. A little birdie gave me the heads-up.
Good luck with your venture. I'll pop by when I'm next in your area.

Great to hear Stu looked after you. He's a good trainer