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23-02-11, 09:15
Hello I am Jeff an Aussie working in Glasgow. I am about to upgrade my setup to an Ascaso Dream Up. I currently have a Breville Cafe Aroma with an upgraded filter holder from Canada (turned aluminum in place of the moulded plastic).

The Breville has done me proudly for over 4 years. However my wife has gone cream coloured retro in the kitchen and the stainless steel looks out of place now.

I use Starbucks beans as I haven't worked out a great place to get freshly roasted ones yet. There is a tea place in town that sells Coffee (Whittard) and I did try their's once - however the Starbucks seemed better.

Hope to be back when I have upgraded.



23-02-11, 09:20
Hi Jeff, welcome to Coffee Forums

23-02-11, 11:26
Hi Jeff,

Welcome onto the forums and hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to post a pic of your set up. I'm not sure about where to buy beans over the counter but there's plenty of good on-line roasters if you want mail order.

I'm sure someone will be along soon with suggestions of local retailers selling beans.

24-02-11, 01:37
Welcome Jeff. I think most forumites order online to guarantee freshness. I know there is a place in my city to buy beans, but the expense of parking and then the duration to walk to the shop means that online is much more convenient.

24-02-11, 07:13
Hi Jeff, welcome to Coffee Forums! Whereabouts in Glasgow do you live?

Artisan Roast in the west end sell fresh beans roasted on site, and are extremely knowledgeable on the subject too!

Post up some pics when you get the Ascaso, very jealous!

24-02-11, 08:32
Welcome Jeff

25-02-11, 02:44
Welcome to Coffee Forums UK Jeff

You'll notice the difference with the Ascaso - it is a step up from the machine you currently have

I'd be inclined to browse the links in the Beans section of the forums for mail-order beans - normally roasted and posted same or next day.