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20-02-11, 10:58
My coffee experiments started quite a long time ago. Staying in Geneva (1975 or 76) with my wife and kiddies for 6 weeks in an appartment and nothing to prepare a decent coffee. So we bought something you would call a moka pot. These things were rather cheap, but the coffee was awfull. Took us years to find out by coincidence you need special coffee for it, called "espresso" ....
Our espresso started years later with some tiny Krups machine. It delivered a reasonable coffee, but a cappuccino was hard to do. Then we bought a used Mini Moka Demoka M-820. I liked the shiny aluminium body, but a good espresso was still depending to too many factors. So nearly 6 years ago I ended up with an ECM Giotto Premium which still is performing excellent, but shows some signs of wear by now. The lower stem is slant wearing down (is this correct English?) so I have to get some new parts.
Together with this I have a Mini Moka grinder. Quite noisy, but perfect adjustable.

Beside these we have a tiny Saeco Via Veneo for the holidays, which I slightly modified. I removed the ballast of nearly one kilogram to save weight in my caravan. Not perfect for cappuccino, but amazing what a good espressy it brews with the special porta filter.

21-02-11, 07:32
An interesting history. Welcome to the forum.

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Great tale - welcome.

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