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30-06-16, 07:22
As posted on T5D5 and VPCUK forums..

It is with sadness that I must sell this old girl. I'm moving shortly and my partner has given me her Honda Jazz (which does around 54 mpg). I'll be doing around 45 miles a day to work and back, and unfortunately the T5 will be just too expensive to run http://forums.t5d5.org/public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png

It has been a fantastic car, the most comfortable driving experience I've had the pleasure of having (along with my previous 850 T5) and has effortlessly soaked up the miles over the past 4 years (the Honda gives me cramps after half an hour! But it's cheap to run.. http://forums.t5d5.org/public/style_emoticons/default/shrug.gif )

I bought her off @Yosser way back here (http://forums.t5d5.org/topic/18772-1997-v70-t5-cd-auto/)... an since then I added a Woth R-Line ECU (ex Volvo tuner) which improved the original performance and smiles per gallon.

Original posting mentioned...

Cambelt at 137,666 miles (Nov 07)


injectors cleaned

auto fluid changed & magnefine filter

plugs, rotor arm & cap

anti-freeze changed this winter

fuel filter

oil & filter annually (3-5k miles) - genuine filter

bosch battery

abs ecu repaired professionally last year

goodridge front hoses

ATE super blue brake fluid

302 front brakes

Bilstein dampers(black) & 30mm lowering springs & new top mounts Nov 2008

2 new front wishbones & one track rod end in December for it's MOT

polybush upper mount & lower tie bar

Feritta cat back

Bosch flat wipers

I'm sure there are loads of other minor things I've spent money on over these years, but I have no desire to add it all up!!

The interior is in good order, nice black leather, load cover is there, the aircon was charged up at the end of last year but TBH I think it is probably leaking somewhere as it's not great. Front heated seats both work, electric memory seat on the drivers side. The rear seat is meant to be heated but it doesn't work and I've never looked into why.

The exterior is a little rough. I never bothered to try to address any of it's exterior issues as I felt it was a waste of time & money, and it's quite nice not to be bothered about leaving the car in Tesco's car park. Corners are scuffed, both nearside doors a bit dented, rust on the tailgate and a spot on the drivers door, bonnet scratched, crack on the windscreen (not MOT failure and been there since I got the car). It still cleans up nice, but it carries a few battle scars.It has been modified in the past but is now back to standard - bar the lowering and the 302 brakes. I have a spare standard ecu which might be handy if you want to get a remap. I previously had an HLM 304 on this car and it seemed to go ok on that.

Bad points: The bodywork hasn't been touched since I bought her, and the rust patches have got a bit worse on the boot lid. The rear bumper brackets have rusted and the right had side has dropped - but I have all the parts needed to fix it (which cost me just under 80 from Volvo) and will be included in the sale. The Feritta was blowing for a while and I had a new clamp fitted which solved that one as the old one had disintegrated. Also there is an annoying rattle that can be heard when the windows are open - I don't notice it when they are closed tbh. It's the mettle dish at the bottom of the nearside rear suspension where the spring sits. I believe it's where the bump-stop hits when it bottoms out. The bolt spins freely so it can't be tightened up and rattles around. It isn't going anywhere and my mechanic mate said it just needs taking off or spot of weld on it to stop it moving. The rear discs will need replacing as well.

Good points: It's a Volvo, nuff said.. Heated seats are wonderful in winter and it shifts like a stabbed rat when prodded. The seats are Black leather and suede, and the rear seats have the pull out luggage nets - both aren't standard (as you can see in the pics) and probably expensive to source. There is some wear to the driver's seat but no rips. The memory and electrics work on the drivers seat - passenger one is manual. The rear heated seats don't wok as they aren't heated (since they were added at some point by Yosser IIRC) there's no wiring either so the switch on the rear console does nothing.

The MOT doesn't run out until 15th Jan 2017. It will be insured until the 12th July at which point I will be changing over to the Honda and parking the Volvo up on the drive. Any test drives are welcome until this date, then it'll be up to you to insure.

Currently showing 181286 miles, which is nothing for these. Mileage will go up as using daily - but not by much. My mechanic said the gearbox is very smooth and works well in all gears, as well as sports mode and winter mode (in fact better than his P2 geartronic T5!)

The front tyres were replaced recently and the back ones have plenty of wear. I will also throw in a spare alloy rim as I bought a pair to replace one of the front ones when one got damaged. You can then use it as a spare, but it will need a tyre on it. I was going to sell it separately but I'd rather it went with the car.








I will leave the Moose badges on as they won't look right on a blue Honda http://forums.t5d5.org/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif

I will be gutted when it goes, but needs must.

Looking for 450.00 as I'm including the Woth RLine ECU, the extra alloy rim and the full bracket kit for the bumper. I might have the original ECU if wanted, but would have to look for it. For what it is, it's a bargain. Just need to sell before the insurance runs out so it's not taking up drive space. Located in Selby area (near York).

30-06-16, 07:23
More pics..





The T5 is a real sleeper of an estate car, it's no wonder the police used to use them and they certainly hold their own against Scoobies or even 330 BMW's Plus the look on a Scooby owners face when you pass them whilst carrying a fridge!

30-06-16, 07:28
I may be tempted by a swap with a nice spring lever machine (Streaga for instance :whistle:)

30-06-16, 07:40
I may be tempted by a swap with a nice spring lever machine (Streaga for instance :whistle:)
Someone had one on here for 500 or 600 as I recall?

01-07-16, 12:24
It's actually worth more than I'm asking tbh, but needs shifting before a) the insurance runs out, and b) I keep it due to not wanting to let it go :(

01-07-16, 08:51
Morning Rhys

Can I ask what sort of mpg you are getting as a daily run around?

Tempted with this as a workhorse for the yard. Plenty of room for horse food etc.

I have an '09 D5 V70 so I am already sold on the brand! :)



01-07-16, 11:55
Morning Rhys

Can I ask what sort of mpg you are getting as a daily run around?

Tempted with this as a workhorse for the yard. Plenty of room for horse food etc.

I have an '09 D5 V70 so I am already sold on the brand! :)



There's room in the back for the horse as well!

I'll get around 32mpg on a run. This has the switchable gearbox from the 850 series, as it's a crossover model, so its great for towing (My previous car was an 850 T5 CD Auto, also a '97. This had a towbar and I could pull a large trailer as if it wasn't there). The later V70 'Classics' have a different ECU and gearbox which is harder to programme apparently. The accelerator on the later ones is electronic (which costs a bit to fix when they go wrong), this is a cable one and pretty bombroof.

This is the last of the proper Volvos as they were taken over by Ford. The V70 'Classic' was made to use the old bit up from the 850 range before bringing out the P2 series. My mates got a P2 T5 Geartronic, and the gearbox doesn't work very well.

Did I mention the T5 engine was designed by Porsche? I've known examples to be tuned to over 500bhp (con-rods need upgrading to go over 300bhp, and the only week part). The engines are based on the 2.5 litre block, but are sleeved to make them 2.3, which also increased the strength of the engine.

I have to say, I travelled from York to Inverness in one go in this and I felt like I'd just travelled Leeds - whereas my old BMW left me crippled..

As the bodywork is a bit tatty, it would make a great workhorse. I've recently taken a double mattress to the tip with no problem and have moved house using it.

I'm trying to find excuses not to sell tbh. but the sensible side of me is saying 45 miles to go to work and back (when we move) is going to be too expensive. I'm doing roughly 20 odd miles a day when commuting to York and back from Selby.

01-07-16, 03:36
Cheers Rhys

I think that I might retire my wife's Legacy to being the yard workhorse and replace it with something a bit smaller for her.

the 4x4 is very useful in the winter/spring/summer/autumn mud

Good luck with the sale

I can concur that these big Volvo's are unbeatable for comfort. I drive about 30k a year and haven't had any back issues once. When I had an A4 Avant I felt like I was crippled after every long journey.

02-07-16, 12:29
OK Nick, no worries. The Legacy is better suited as mine is lowered as well. :)