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29-06-16, 03:52
I have a Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic watch (Model no. H70595523) which i would like to sell to fund the purchase of a coffee roaster such as a Gene Cafe.

Cash price would be 325 delivered but i would also be open to offers of PX or swap for a coffee roaster depending on what you have.

It is a great looking watch with sapphire glass, 40mm stainless case, quality brown leather strap with visible internals at the rear. The automatic movement can be found in watches with a much higher value.
In my opinion it is one of the highest quality watches in its price range (RRP 540) Which is why i bought it!

I purchased it new last year but a month later picked up a Tudor Black Bay for a price I couldn't refuse so this has stayed in the box ever since. As such it is in excellent condition, I would say it is as new condition having only been worn a few times.
The original box, paperwork and tags are also included

I will upload photos of the actual watch when i get home but it is this one...
or here...

https://youtu.be/nAspRHmLF5w (https://youtu.be/nAspRHmLF5w)

I am more than happy for you to come over to view it (and have a coffee of course!) as pictures dont do it justice.

Cheers, Robbo

29-06-16, 10:42
Here you go..i should also add that it is still within its 2year warranty period until May 2017.

02-07-16, 06:15
which colour dial is the most accurate (in daylight) as the photos appear vastly different? Thanks

02-07-16, 08:06
which colour dial is the most accurate (in daylight) as the photos appear vastly different? Thanks
If you put the model number into google or amazon you will see better photos. I took these on my phone. Model no. H70595523 The colour of the dial is called old paper. I think it gives it a nice wartime vintage look.
Let me know if you have any more questions. :-)

08-07-16, 12:29
Still for sale. Everyone needs a good watch and i need a roaster!
Prefer not to sell on the Ebay if i can help it! :-)