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17-02-11, 04:56
Hi All,

Had my new setup for a couple of months now and have only recently started to get some really good coffee from it, well good in my books.

My setup seems to be quite a popular one with a Gaggia Classic paired with a Iberital MC2 and some cheapish tamper i got (although this may need changing as its a 57mm and i think i should have a 58mm).

I've just taken delivery of a selection pf HasBean coffee and so far they've been really good.


17-02-11, 06:13
Lovely setup and great choice of bean source there, for a tasty tamper check out Coffee Hit

17-02-11, 09:46
Welcome. A classic setup that one. Hope you enjoy your beans :)

17-02-11, 10:32
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18-02-11, 12:48
Thanks all.

Have seen some nice Tampers but finding it hard to justify the cost. I do need a new once as i'm currently using a 57mm when it appears i should have a 58mm.


18-02-11, 06:08
A 58mm tamper will give you a more snug fit in the filter basket, if your technique is already good it won`t make a dramatic difference but does make for a more pleasing tamping experience.

I use an Espresso Gear Barista tamper from Coffee Hit which I really like thought the most popular up market tampers are the Reg Barber ones, well worth getting a good one and it`ll last a lifetime.

25-02-11, 11:29
Thanks all.

Have checked down the back of the sofa etc and think i could stretch to a RB although coffeehit seem to have very little stock at the mo.

Just need to decide on handle and base shape.


25-02-11, 03:41
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