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21-01-11, 04:42
Hi Iím a Grumpy old man and the reason for that is I have spent many years travelling repairing espresso coffee machines for people who really don't care about the coffee.

I am hoping to become an active member and Iím more than happy to help anyone with a problem if I can, although I will say I have never come across an E61 group head without a solenoid and thatís because I have only been involved with commercial machines.

I will at this time come clean and admit I am now trying to get into the 21 century by launching my own web site selling spare parts and a lot more so I can stop travelling.
I donít want to break any forum rules so If you are interested you can Google espresso technical (the espresso route)

21-01-11, 05:01
Welcome to Coffee Forums UK Grumpy

Links to your business in your signature are welcomed and acceptable with active contribution to problem solving and general community participation

We also have banner advertising available if you are looking for greater exposure, and sponsoring prizes is another way of creating awareness in the community

Thanks for respecting the forum ethos - that gets a thumbs up from me.

Some machines in cafes are really in a sad state of affairs and it must be heartbreaking to see what some people are using to serve coffee from.
I always to a quick clean prior to training people on commercial machines. Sometimes this is all it takes to improve the taste - before training has even begun

24-01-11, 01:44
Welcome Grumpy. There are a lot of novices on here, but I think most of us care about our machines and always on the look out for tips and help when things go wrong.

24-01-11, 02:32
Welcome to Coffee Forums.