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29-12-10, 01:40
hi all have just given up my job as want more in life than just working and getting stressed out lining others pockets more quality time with the kids and mrs (and the dog) is on the cards
have been planning this for a year and have saved funds for my new venture
a coffee cart is in the making a total career change for me
been researching for a while now found suppliers booking myself on a barista basic course in the new year found a ideal location / pitch now i need some help finding a cart (see my first thread)
looking for a more fun working enviroment and what could be better than smelling coffee all day

regards and hello

29-12-10, 02:11
Hi Coffeecart and welcome. It might be worth looking for some of Glenn's threads on running a business.

29-12-10, 02:36
hi and welcome, good for you and hope the new venture works out, the folks on here do know a thing or two about coffee, i'm new to it too and find its a great site. Darren

29-12-10, 07:29
...looking for a more fun working enviroment and what could be better than smelling coffee all day...

You'll certainly tick the boxes. Buy thermals :)

Welcome to Coffee Forums UK

Where are you based?

29-12-10, 11:44
Good luck with the new venture.

30-12-10, 08:31
Hi and welcome!

I had a career change 12 months ago and it's the best thing I ever did. Making money for yourself instead of others is very liberating but never work out your hourly rate - you'll end up being mad at yourself for paying less than minimum wage:D

Well done you hoping to read of your success on these pages!

30-12-10, 05:17
rustington west sussex