View Full Version : What an exsiting jouney I am on.

gaggia bean
11-12-10, 12:51
well hello to you all, all seams quite friendly on hear with one common goal,

Great Coffee.

It all started with me when I thought I liked latte served by the big names in the industry. until I by chance had a real cup of coffee served by one of those little vans that pulls a proper cup at a village show I went to from there i thought thats where its at.
got a under used gaggia classic from ebay and some desent grounds from hasbean & im now havibg great fun finding out what its all about......

11-12-10, 06:50
Welcome Gaggia Bean

Sounds like you're all sorted

Do you own (or have plans to own) a grinder?

gaggia bean
11-12-10, 11:04
No I do not grind as yet.

that may be a step to far

11-12-10, 06:20
No I do not grind as yet.

that may be a step to far

Hehehe! I suspect if you hang around on here it wont be long before you change your mind....Anyway welcome... I'm a noob as well. You'll find everyone here very friendly and helpful.

11-12-10, 06:25
Welcome, the grinding will not be a step too far but one in the right direction, get beans, grind, brew immediately, result-----perfection.

standard issue
12-12-10, 10:44
The nudging and winking begins!

12-12-10, 11:38
Welcome Gaggia Bean

No I do not grind as yet.

that may be a step to far
Hands up how many of us said that just before the post "which grinder?"

13-12-10, 11:00
Definitely need a grinder for your next step, and make it soon ;)