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11-12-15, 06:11
Altberg defender size 10 Large/ wide....... ( Altberg, Richmond, UK), I recently bought the size 11 wide, but these also didn't fit. These are a generous fitting 10.

Worn once in local woods and once going to the local shops, selling as not the right size.

Comes with spare laces and adjustment spacers to fine tune the boots fitting.

I have treated these with Leder Gris as recommended by altberg.

Excellent quality boots.

65 posted (inc insurance for 70)
60 collected from Sheffield ......near J35 M1




working dog
11-12-15, 06:22
I'll ask at dog training tomorrow - if they were a size 9 I'd take them

Altberg are great boots and this is a bargain price

Yes Row
11-12-15, 07:40
You don't have much luck buying the right size do you? I purchased the pair of size 11's of you a couple of months ago, for the same reason!
They fit a treat and were as described
Buy with confidence

11-12-15, 08:24
Yes Row....your not joking, I've got very broad feet that spread a lot when I put weight on them. I went to a specialist boot fitting shop and ended up buying a pair of comfort meindl (which are their widest boot), but I also had to have the shop stretch them twice overnight to fit better.....cost me a fair bit of cash, but worth it. I just want a back up pair (hopefully cheaper), hence these....there's only the 10 standard left to try.......I'll end up buying another pair of meindl.

11-12-15, 08:32
Boots look good, have you the original receipt for these?

11-12-15, 09:02
No receipt......

11-12-15, 09:18
No receipt......

Have you been up to Richmond?

I'm on my second pair of alt-bergs, still have my first, (
Worn most days since 2008)the shop will fit a boot to you (custom make you one if necessary) but they are "proper" boots, not tough trainers like the Meindls & you will need to bed them in...

11-12-15, 10:28
No, not been up to Richmond.