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21-11-10, 02:13
My Classic is making clicking noises when the coffee starts to come out & water spurts down the outside of the 'solenoid/overflow pipe'. What is causing this?
Regards, Dennis

21-11-10, 04:43
Sounds like you need to take the bonnet off and have a look, the clicking could well be the solenoid, it may have a bit of foreign material stuck in it causing it not to function correctly as it should be fully closed when brewing. Have you done a descale and backflush to try and clear it. Additionally it is odd that liquid is coming down the outside of the pipe which could suggest something in the plumbing is loose or broken in the solenoid area.


21-11-10, 07:44
:good::good:Thanks, will check it out

21-11-10, 08:49
Try the backflush with water only first before adding Puly Caff, Cafiza or Joe Glo into the basket to ensure you are able to perform this
If the solenoid is damaged it'll be cleaner to replace without the foamy mess to clean up ;)

Fingers crossed it'll be easily sorted

gaggia bean
11-12-10, 12:15
i do a regular back flush on mine just to keep it regular

11-12-10, 05:57
Got a new solenoid of 'gaggiamanualservice' Now sorted & running smooth.:):):)

12-12-10, 03:08
Glad you got it fixed at the first go, thought it might be the solenoid.

14-12-10, 07:34
glad i could help you