View Full Version : Sold: Altberg defender size 11 walking boots 60.00 or 65.00 posted

30-09-15, 12:16
Altberg defender size 11 wide....... ( Altberg, Richmond, UK)

Worn twice in local woods, selling as not the right size.

Comes with spare laces and adjustment spacers to fine tune the boots fitting.

Just like new.

65 posted, 60 collected.
Grenoside, Sheffield.





30-09-15, 07:14
As an owner (and now ex-previous daily user) of these boots, I can't big them up enough. Especially at this price! (I'm unfortunately both the wrong size and my most recent pair are still going strong after 3 years)

30-09-15, 08:18
Another daily user of Altbergs here and I can't recommend them enough.

30-09-15, 08:23
Shame they're not in a 10 as I need some new ones.:(

Yes Row
30-09-15, 08:35
A bit of a risk buying footware without trying, you will appricate ( maybe this is why you are selling). So I am willing to offer 50 posted and ill take it on the chin if the wrong size?

30-09-15, 09:03
Really sorry can't do 50 posted....... ( I totally understand ) I would meet you at 57..... And if they do fit it's a bargain.....they're lovely.

Yes Row
30-09-15, 09:11
This is where I struggle some 10's are too small and some 11's too big.
If we can call it 55 posted and I will send money this evening?

working dog
30-09-15, 09:13
These are a real bargain. I use altberg for dog training and they are really well made boots

30-09-15, 09:18
Yes Row.....you have a deal at 55.

I will sort courier out..... Hopefully will be collected before the weeks out,,,,if that's ok.

I will pm you PayPal details.

Yes Row
30-09-15, 09:20
Ok great. As soon as I get pm I will send the money

The Systemic Kid
30-09-15, 09:23
Update to sold.

working dog
30-09-15, 09:32
That is a serious bargain. Almost bought them to sell on at the dog club. You will not be disappointed yes row

30-09-15, 09:38
Yes Row......can you re send the PM message please, I seem to have deleted while fully emptying my inbox.

I have checked PayPal and payment has been received.


Yes Row
30-09-15, 09:58
Re sent