View Full Version : Hario Mini Mill Slim

13-10-10, 03:36
Recently I took my Hario Mini Mill Slim hand grinder to an even where a few people ended up using it - someone has over-tightened the burrs and now I can't adjust them at all, and cannot grind.

Does anyone know how I could take this apart completely to fix the problem? Can't seem to see any way to get to the burrs other than the adjusting wheel beneath them...

Any suggestions / manuals appreciated!

13-10-10, 11:52
Are you able to remove the adjustment nut?
A tap onto a hard surface should dislodge the burrs
Try tapping onto a towel or similar padded object so as not to dent the casing

Manual here -> http://5mcoffee.com/Hario_Ceramic_Slim_Coffee_Mill_MSS-1B.pdf