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12-10-10, 12:46
Hi all,

Before getting into the coffee industry,the career I started my working life in was Radio Broadcasting!
I was a radio presenter for Lantern FM in North Devon. I presented tge Evening show (6pm -mdt) weekdays and Sunday. I also presented most of tge daytime shows at various periods including Drive time and Breakfast. I also presented weekend breakfast at Bath FM.

You may have heard of Heart. The bought up loads of stations (including Lantern FM), re-branded them and closed them down firing all the local staff and Networking tge shows from London. That means we don't have a local radio Station anymore.

A few of us have got together and applied for a new local licence. We have been awarded a 30 day RSL (restricted service licence) although we are hoping to extend it and become permanent. The station is The Voice 106 www.thevoice106.co.uk and I'll be presenting Monday and Thursday evenings. We have a really good team of seasoned professionals and tge station is going to be superb!

We launch on November 9th.you'll be able to listen online at www.thevoice106.co.uk. The "listen now" feed is our parent Internet station Network North Devon at the moment. (very very different station)

I'll remind you lots but I'm hoping you support us and take a listen when we're broadcasting live across North Devon and the world on WWW!


12-10-10, 09:09
Good Luck! Are you going to do any coffee related articles or will it all be music?

12-10-10, 10:05
I have just listed to the station for over an hour and it has played some nice music Would I be able to pick up your signal in Wales on the 9th with simply a cheap bedside radio?

12-10-10, 01:58
There are many strings to your bow I'm finding....

13-10-10, 01:21
Good Luck! Are you going to do any coffee related articles or will it all be music?

Not just music, lots of stuff really. I guess it would make sense to mention my work as I've probably made coffee for most of North Devon in the last few years!

Music will be great though, the guys putting it together (and most of the presenters) have been in the business years so the music will be awesome! It's going to be a little different from the usual local stuff too so will be some "Wow I havnt heard that foe years!" moments!

I wonder if you guys would do me a favour. If your on Facebook, add me (Lee Wardle) and change your profile pic to the Voice logo above/ were trying to get viral!!!


31-10-10, 02:23
Update! My biography has been updated, sorry about the pic. It's not great!!!


9 days to go!!!!!!

16-11-10, 04:38

Good effort mate, loved Lantern but Heart was a bit National for me. I'll defo be tuned in but Voice 106!! should call it Smuggler FM or something a bit local:car:.