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05-10-10, 05:48
I have been slowly increasing my knowledge of coffee making ever since I decided I wanted to make an espresso like I those I had drunk in cafés. I didn't realise it at the time that this would be nigh on impossible with the stove-top I was using at the time (although I did achieve what might generously be described as crema occasionally). My experiments eventually lead to me upgrading to a Gaggia Cubika which has until very recently served me well over the years. For all its limitations it is possible to coax a reasonable espresso out of this machine - though it takes some work and it can be a little capricious. All of which set me up nicely for my new Rancilio Silvia which by comparison is a doddle to use. I am now on the hunt for a Grinder to get the best out of the Silvia. In the meantime I have reverted to using an antique Zassenhaus which is doing a surprisingly good job.

My interest in coffee is mostly limited to perfecting my espresso but I am always happy to hear what others have got to say about other extraction methods. I don't have much time for the coffee flavoured drinks currently in vogue as sold by the likes of Starbucks.

05-10-10, 06:01
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One of our members (Osh) has an addiction to antique grinders
Do you have any photos of them?

Great to hear you're enjoying your espresso fuelled coffee journey

05-10-10, 06:02
Welcome to the forum, I also have a Silvia so share your appreciation of it. Grinder wise the budget choice is the Iberital MC2, many of us here use it, however from the experiences of some of our bigger spenders on the forum there are improvements to be had by spending more. My personal choice for an upgrade will be the Mazzer Super Jolly but not for a while yet.

As for other extraction methods my current favourite is the Bialetti Brikka which I now use for pseudo espresso making when on holiday and it gives a very acceptable result.

05-10-10, 06:03
@ Glenn I don't have any at the moment but I was going to post some soon.

05-10-10, 06:12
@ DonRJ, Thanks for the grinder advice - I had been looking to go either for a Rocky or perhaps an Ascaso but I will now add the Ibertal onto my radar as well. The only thing for sure is that I want a doserless grinder.

You also reminded me that I also use a Handpresso when I am away to assuage my espresso addiction.

05-10-10, 06:17
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05-10-10, 06:45
The MC2 is available in doserless form, I bought mine from Happy Donkey who were the best on price at the time. For me the Rocky was a non starter due to the stepped adjustment, I prefer the tweakability of the MC2`s stepless adjuster but bear in mind it is not a good choice if you need to change grind settings dramatically, eg from espresso to french press. I have a Dualit burr grinder for that sort of task.

05-10-10, 06:54
I admit my consideration of the Rocky is really about form over function. It looks nice and will match the Silvia. I guess I could make a case for stepped adjustment in so far as it will allow me to keep abreast of any adjustments I make. It should not be a problem providing that the stepped increments are sufficiently small - unlike my Gaggia MM grinder.