View Full Version : Lavazza & Freshly Boiled Water

13-09-10, 05:35
Imagine for a moment that you were marooned in a desolate wilderness with no access to shiny espresso machines, or technology of any kind, yet you are desperate for a cup of real coffee, full of flavour. If you could choose the type of mainstream coffee that would deliver consistently, without having recourse to technology, psi, barista skill, etc. what would be the ideal choice? I would feel extremely lucky if I had a few packs of Red Label Lavazza to hand. No other mainstream coffee can match its flavour. You may have been used to specially selected and roasted beans from a small farmers cooperative in Ethiopia or Indonesia, however, you don't have any, so... You will be glad not to have chosen Taylors of Harrogate, Douwe Egberts, or any of the others, because: once having introduced boiled water to Lavazza, you find that they get along famously if stirred, and left a couple of minutes. Let the grounds sink to the bottom; notice the rich, creamy foam, the delicious aroma... now drink! Mmmmmn, it's good!