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31-08-10, 11:21
Trying to set up my new Iberital MC2 and a bit confused with the timer. Does the little knob just work over about a 320 degree range or is it continuous. I keep turning it up to get a 14grm dose but couldn't get above about 10. The screw will click and go round again but I am not sure that I should keep winding it clockwise.
When I first set it up I got 14 grms but the grind was too coarse, since fining it down I cannot get the 14 grms.
Anyone help?

01-09-10, 07:37
Your MC2 is normal, the timer adjustment is finite, if you keep forcing past the stop you may bust it, so avoid this.

As you grind finer the dose volume will decrease for a given duration of grind, thats normal. If you have the grind at the right consistency for a good espresso pour what you need to do is either:-

1. wind the timer back to a shorter duration and adjust it to dose the PF fully with two presses of the dose button.

2. Leave the timer at the maximum duration (as far as the click stop) and dose once to part fill the PF, then start dosing again and flick the power switch at the lower left of the MC2 off when you have filled the PF sufficiently.


01-09-10, 09:42
Thanks Don, understood. Pity there is not a bit more scope on the timer but I will go with your suggestions.

5M Coffee
05-09-10, 02:56
Good suggestions Don.
I normally recommend setting the doser timer to throw 7 or 8 grams per throw for a 14g or 16g total dose depending on the bean