View Full Version : Nikon Nikkor 85mm 1.8G almost brand new lens - 250

29-05-15, 10:31
Mind you this is for an FX camera, you can still use it on a DX, but of course there'll be some crop.

I'm not really using this much and need to shift it to get some monies for a zoom lens. Mint pretty much brand new condition, had it more than a year, used it a two or three times and it spent the rest of the time locked up in a bag. No dust, mould, kept in a clean environment. Can send photos if interested.

Price: 250 + postage or you can pick up personally in the Dorking area. Comes with the lens bag and caps, no box.


29-05-15, 11:03
Nice, that's about a 127mm lens on DX then. Good portrait lens (funnily enough the standard lens on my old Mamiya RB67 ProS was a 127mm)
Good luck with the sale :)