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26-08-10, 10:36
Hello All,

I'm fairly new to coffee but I'm a true geek at heart. I read everything and experiment endlessly. I'm sure doing it yourself is supposed to save money :-)
Started with a rocky/silvia combo about 10 months ago (which I'm about to ebay) with massive enthusiasm. Found the family coffee consumption/enjoyment outgrew the machine and bought a secondhand SJ and very recently an alex duetto ii (from bella barista). Awesome machines - what a difference in consistency of shot and speed making multiple milk drinks!
Anyway i just wanted to say hello. I really should post more as I get a huge amount of useful info from this forum.


26-08-10, 10:43
Welcome Paul

Feel free to place a link in our classifieds section (http://coffeeforums.co.uk/content.php?11-classifieds) too. Avoid the fees other sites charge :)

27-08-10, 08:27
Good idea. Will do.

27-08-10, 08:41
Welcome to Coffee Forums, Paul. What machine are you going to upgrade to?

27-08-10, 08:29
I did things a bit back to front. I upgraded and now need to sell. I upgraded to a secondhand mazzer super jolly and a alex duetto ii. I'll put some pictures in the setup section.


27-08-10, 09:41
Paul, I should have read your first post properly rather than having a sneaky peak when I should have been working!! An SJ and an Alex Duetto ii are my dream set up - let me know when you upgrade from this set up. I'd definitely be interested :)

27-08-10, 09:55
Lol I think I'll be staying put for a while or my wife may throttle me.

28-08-10, 08:45
Hi Paul and welcome. Is sounds like some great kit you've got and I look forward to the photos.