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06-05-15, 08:06
Could a 65E or Club user out there advise diameter of the throat of the upper burr holder (or diameter of the outlet of the hopper)
Thanks in advance!

06-05-15, 08:46
Hi Tridoros and welcome

Not got a set of calipers to hand or anything super accurate so if don't mind it measured from a rule:
Internal diameter at top of throat somewhere between 53mm and 54mm.
Thinking you may have been thinking Aeropress funnel, measured roughly that as well and 48mm, big gap all the way round when sat in the throat
Hope of help, someone on here may be able to give you a more accurate measure if needed.

06-05-15, 10:02
You gotta love user forums eh. Thank you very much for taking the time to follow up and the welcome - hope I can contribute somewhere along the way too.
Alas, my Mazzer Mini hopper hasn't got a hope in hell of fitting.

06-05-15, 11:20
Not this of too much help as you are Oz but a smaller 250g hopper is supplied with the ones sold out by Bella Barista in the Uk and it is available as a spare part if you have sourced yours from somewher that supplies the "dustbin" sized one. Could always wrap some cardboard tube around the mazzer hopper tube as dirty fix until sorted ( there is a bit of lip at the base of the throat that should stop you getting a bogachino :-))
Other solutions may be the boroscillicate glass tube and weight / tamper on top if you looking for a smaller solution, there was an ended group buy on here a while back that whilst will not provide the solution coudl give you some ideas.
Hope of help

06-05-15, 12:42
John, Elektro's is supplying me the Bella Barista version with the 250g hopper. Its just that I have a spare Mazzer hopper which may have been useful on the Eureka. Appreciate your feedback.