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30-07-10, 11:55
What do you drink yours out of?

(And if it's an egg cup, dare you own up?)


30-07-10, 12:17
Perhaps I should explain myself.

I'm led to think of this as I was considering when I was staying at somebody's house, where there was a rather lovely Elektra HX machine to make the coffee with, but I was forced to make my morning cappuccino in a mug!

And it just didn't rock my world at all. Does anyone else have such experiences and preferences?

30-07-10, 12:50
espresso: cup, of course!
my brewed coffee, black: cup.
my wife's brewed coffee, cream: biiig mug.
my wife's cappuccino: large cup

We're from California, though, which has a fairly mug-oriented culture.

30-07-10, 01:24
I tend to alternate between my Costa cup and saucer and ACF cup and saucer (I should point out the Costa cup and saucer I did purchase and not "acquire"!!). My favourite for thickness is the ACF but Costa has the edge on the capacity of the cup.

30-07-10, 04:58
Im drinking my lattes and capps from Denby cup and saucers atm. I like the look of the lavazza cups theyre sweeeeeet, so ill have to get some soon. Mugs dont do it for me either.

I have had an espresso out of an egg cup before *goes red* I dont have any shot glasses or espresso cups as of yet =(

30-07-10, 05:14
Espresso - Lubiana espresso cup and saucer
Latte - Large white mug that must be white and tapered out from the base to lip.

30-07-10, 05:14
Espressos currently from the James Martin Denby range - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Denby-James-Martin-Dine-Espresso/dp/B00264GNI6

Capps from some white china ones bought in a Coin (Italian supermarket chain) store in Venice

30-07-10, 06:18
Usually a cup, I use 3 different sizes for espresso/macchiato, latte or cappuccino; but if I am using the cafetiere or moka express then it's a mug.

03-08-10, 07:29
I recently bought some 10oz cappuccino cups for my lattes. They fit under the portafilter so no need to pour into shot glasses first and transfer.