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28-07-10, 08:09
Our only pet at the moment is our dog Stitch. She is a English Bull Terrier x Staffordshire Bull terrier. She was a rescue and came to live with us 2 years ago she is now 5. She says to say "HI" to everyone.

Who else has a pet to show?


28-07-10, 05:58
Great Looking Dog. And well done with the rescue. I'm having trouble attaching photos of mine, but will keep trying.

28-07-10, 07:03
This is Blue and Misty, my cats. Blue is the grey haired one with learning difficulties and Misty is the brains of the outfit. Together they don't do much!!!

28-07-10, 07:30
Nice looking Cats Sandy. They look great together. I would call one Photo and the other Negative. Don't do much........ lol thats what they keep you for :D

28-07-10, 10:26
This is my dog Millie, she is a 4 year old welsh border collie
she's obedient, faithful and quite stupid


28-07-10, 11:09
OK, I think I've got the hang of adding photos now.

If this works you should see Cara, our Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier, and Ophelia, our Maine Coon cat>http://lh6.ggpht.com/_Bt6-noI8n3E/TFCpOslHWqI/AAAAAAAACJg/zB0aK9EFjT4/s128/Cara%2023%20OCT2004%20009.jpg



Sorry, still struggling a bit with photos!

29-07-10, 07:41
She looks like a faithful friend HLA91 bet she likes her walks.

29-07-10, 07:43
Vintage they are Posh Pets. Never heard of either breed. They look like they should be on chocolate boxes, smashing.

29-07-10, 08:58
Not surprised that you've never heard of Glens. Although dating back hundreds of years, they are now one of the most endangered of the British native breeds - there are more Giant Pandas in China than there are Glens in Britain. Fortunately they are beginning to be re-established, particularly in the US and Finland. They are loyal and protective, with great sense of humour, and unlike most terriers are silent when working. Sadly, almost all are dog-aggressive, and need careful watching in the company of other dogs, though are totally trustworthy with people. Big dogs on little legs - they generally come in at around 50 lbs in weight.
Maine Coon cats are a bit better known - originating from Maine, as the name suggests. Generally large cats. Total bimbos - look great, but not endowed with huge brains!

30-07-10, 07:34
Nice bit of info Vintage very interesting, are you breeding from Cara?

30-07-10, 09:01
Sadly, no. She had a mammary cyst just after her first season, and the vet recommended that she was spayed before she came into season again. It's a shame, because she would have made a great mum, because (despite her dog aggression) she is delightful with puppies. The last year that I saw figures for was two years ago, and in that year there were only 26 Glen puppies registered with the UK Kennel Club, so any addition to the gene pool is to be welcomed.

Lots more info on:http://www.glenofimaalterrier.uk.com/

As you can gather, I'm completely besotted by the breed. I've always been into the large terriers, having owned Airedales and Kerry Blues, but Glens take the biscuit. I can never see me owning any other breed.

01-08-10, 11:19
Having read your link I am amazed that the breed is in such good health generally, with such a small gene pool there must be some responsible breeders out there, which is great. While I'm a fan of breeding to type I am not in favour of accentuating dog’s characteristics for the show ring. It's more about human vanity than dog welfare IMO. I know what you mean about becoming attached to a breed. I would now only ever own English Bull Terriers; Stitch is a cross but leans heavily to her EBT side in character. Great personalities and they love cuddles. Although terriers are not for everyone a friend of mine had a Patterdale pup after losing his Cocker and was amazed and dismayed at the pups hunting ability at only a few weeks old. While terrier fanciers who of called it a great dog he thought it was vicious (which of course it was not) and he returned it to the breeder. He now has another Cocker and is happy.

01-08-10, 11:55
There are some really great Glen breeders out there. When Progressive Retinal Atrophy was identified in some strands of the breed it was readily, publicly and honestly admitted, and breeders with affected strains ceased breeding altogether. What I don't quite get, though, is the number of breeders (particularly in the States) who are totally sold on the BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet - literally just throw a dead rabbit into the pen and let the dogs eat what they want! I couldn't do that to my pampered pooch!

I'm well aware of the devoted following that both EBTs and Staffies have - invariably their owners wouldn't look at any other dog. It's such a shame that so many dogs with this type of appearance get saddled with irresponsible owners who want to accentuate the macho and aggressive image. I don't think that it's a natural characteristic of this type of breed to be human-aggressive, every one I've known has been loyal, dependable and full of affection.

01-08-10, 08:06
If I fed Stitch that raw diet I would be picking up all day if you know what I mean.
Luckily Bullies have not attracted too much attention from the idiot class. As they look hard but are mostly softies.

However Staffies have had their line polluted by the American Pit Bull which are breed for their gameness. Particularly form Irish strains which are not recognized as a breed by the KC being 3 quarter Pit Bull. Also Staffies have suffered from the Pit Bull ban as anything is now referred to as a Staffie to get around it. Staffies when I was younger were short legged and stocky and known as good family pets, nothing like what are sold as Staffies today! By one from an old KC line and you won’t get a better dog. Buy from the guy down the pub and it will defiantly be part Pit. When I look at Stitch I don’t see the breed I just see Stitch, but I have to be aware of how others think when they see her and act responsibly.