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23-07-10, 08:13
Hi I'm looking at buying a Rancilio Silvia hopefully with a vario grinder. Ideally I would like to try before I buy but as much as I would like a trip to London I would prefer somewhere in the North East of england. Does anyone have any ideas of who sells either this or something similar who would be willing to demonstrate what the setup is capable of before I spend my money.


23-07-10, 08:44
Hi and welcome. I'm not sure about the North East, but this company is in Stafford and carries both of the items you requested.


Unfortunatly Silvia is not as easy to come by as we would wish. That is a great starter setup and you will have loads of fun getting to know her. If you look in "Show off your setup" on the forum Sandykt has this setup with the Rancilio base and it looks great.

23-07-10, 09:21
Thanks for that, I have been looking at the hasbean site. I noticed that it was visitors by arrangement so I will give them a call. They also seem to have some interesting subscription deals so I would love to go and have a visit and no doubt gain some wonderful advice on the use.

23-07-10, 10:03
As an owner of the Rancilio, just PM me if you have any specific questions. I'd be happy to help.