View Full Version : AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! (Rant alert, possible profanity, definate un-proffesionalism)

12-07-10, 09:42
DO you ever feel like you're pi$$ing in the wind and work and no matter what you say about coffee people think it's all jst a big laugh????!!!! "oooh look at te silly man talking about acidity and winey notes, it's only coffee...!!!!!

Ahhh goooooodddddd! If I was a millinare I would open up on my own, not sell bloody skinny, soya, definatly not sell goddam syrups. If someone wants a large one shot soya latte with vanilla I could say "sod off to Bucks"!

Bloody Xmas treee stincils at Christmas? Our coffee is supposed to be the equivilent to fine food and you want to do a Xmas syrup?......AAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Rant over.

12-07-10, 10:01
Oz Clarke had the same problem when teaching James May about wine. I would sometimes like to chat to the Barista about coffee, but I can tell that me and my little gaggia know and care more about coffee than the snotty little "it's a job" behind the counter, so it works both ways. Sounds like you need a Hug, but "cough" I'm too much of a man for that! FurryCup Shouts > SANDY!!!

13-07-10, 08:28
Its good to have a rant to let off steam, count to 10, clench your fists and then slowly release.

Followed by *group hug*. If footballers can do it...

13-07-10, 08:55
At this point in a discussion I usually chip in with something cheerful and conciliatory, like "they probably just don't have any better ideas for their holiday drink; perhaps over the coming months you can concoct a truly gourmet seasonal drink that you'd be proud to serve." **ChiarasDad makes his "encouraging" face**

But from your tone I'm surmising you've already tried similar lines of attack without success. I'm really sorry for your frustration, Lee. FWIW the rest of us, at least, really do appreciate the thought, effort and dedication that goes into the kind of coffee you do.

13-07-10, 08:56
Better out than in, that's what I say!!!

14-07-10, 07:22
I had to do a couple of 1/2 shot lattes today, ideal!

(I was already in a bad mood as we've got through 2 double baskets in a week and had no decent spares....)

14-07-10, 07:48
Good god! Two? What are you lot doing with them? Is your knock bar a soft rubber one? I can send you some spare baskets if you'd like?

14-07-10, 08:02
Supposedly we have some coming tomorrow, I'll see what happens (I asked for some spare bits a few weeks back)

The rubbers come off on the bar quite a lot, and people aren't be careful. It's ok for the moment though, a bit of duck tape and foam, and we have a pretty ghetto knock bar :cool:

Our spare one only fit two of our PFs, one of which was the triple for the flat white.It had to be commandeered and we've been effectively been working with a two groups..